Using Voice Changer Software to specialize your voice on Discord

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Discord is one of the most popular apps providing free voice and text chat for gamers around the world.

Like with other VoIP apps, we can integrate AV Voice Changer Software Diamond with Discord to specialize our voice while we are in Discord voice chat room.

Thanks you the modern virtual driver technology from Avsoft Corp., it will take you only a few minutes to complete the Discord voice changing settings and enjoy the fun then.

Voice changing technology has been around for years and there are many brands of voice changer software on the market with different prices and features. However, Voice Changer Software Diamond has always been one of the top products in this line. It has all features you would need for fun or for professional audio production.

And here are the very simple steps to make Voice Changer Software Diamond works with Discord.

Lauch Discord app and authorize (log in) it with your official Discord account.

After that, go to User Settings with the little settings icon at the bottom-left of the Discord’s main interface.

In the next window, select Voice & Video (3) tab. Via the “VOICE SETTINGS” section, select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) under Input Device (4) options.

Changes are now saved automatically. You can now click Close (5) or use the Esc key to close this Discord settings window.

Now you will need to keep Voice Changer Software Diamond on so that your voice from the microphone are processed and changed as you wish.

Voice Changer Software Diamond demo animation

If you do not want to have your voice change for a while, you can use ON/OFF button from the Voice Changer Software Diamond main interface. It can immediately turn off the Discord voice changing feature and reverse your voice back to normal without affecting your Discord voice chat sessions nor your gaming.

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