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Using Voice Changer Software to change your voice over Slack app

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Slack is known as a very useful and secured tool for any teamwork organization in keeping the information shared and flowed in the team channels.

This page will present a way to use a voice changer software to improve your voice during the long and intense voice chat session to entertain yourself and your teammates.

slack voice changer 1

For the beginner of Voice Changer Software

Before your join the Slack conversation with your teammates, please feel free to play around with the Voice Changer Software to archive your desired voice first.

This is a simple task if your purpose is for entertainment only. All you need to do is moving the Timbre and Pitch slider round the graph to tweak the voice changer.

You can speak while moving the Timbre and Pitch slider to see how your voice sounds after each tweak.

Voice Changer Software Diamond demo animation

You can download the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond demo version if you intend to have fun for a few times. This demo version allows you to use it for changing voice in Slack with limitation in time and voice settings.

And, if you like the program, you can purchase full version. Click here for coupon codes and offers for Voice Changer Software diamond to save your money when purchasing the software.

Make change on Slack’s audio settings and enjoy the fun

  • Run Slack app from your desktop to start
  • Via Slack screen, select to start a conversation from either Channel (1) or Direct Messages (Direct Person) (2)
  • Hit the Phone dial icon (3)

On the Calling screen, click on the Settings button (4), then choose Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (5) as the main recording device in Audio settings.

Now you are good to go.

Just keep AV Voice Changer Software Diamond on when your are on the voice chat. Enjoy the change of your voice over the Slack voice chat session!

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