Transfer E-books to Kindle through Local Wireless Transmission

In this article I’ll introduce local transmission skills. If you want to push e-books to cloud via email please read this article Calibre tutorial: push e-books via email.

For those people who need to local transmit e-books to kindle, they must have been tired of using USB cable. But if you have installed Calibre on your computer, you can turn Calibre into a small server by connecting to wireless router. Then you can download Calibre library’s e-books to your kindle by visiting kindle experimental web browser.

1. Click “connect/share” in Calibre

Click start content server in the pop-up window


2. Record IP and port


As shown, the IP is and the port is 8080.

3. Use kindle experimental web browser to visit and download

Open kindle, click three-lined button and click experimental web browser, then input IP and port in the browser address bar and enter the site.

For Example:


If your Calibre’s library has a lot of e-books, you can also search the book through search function. When you don’t need to use this function, you can click stop content server at any time. Isn’t convenient?


Because of the design theory of experimental web browser, Kindle can’t connected to the LAN when the router is not connected to the Internet. When you’re trying to do so, it will pop up a cue: your Kindle is connected to the WiFi network but unable to connect to the internet. Please contact your Internet service provider for further assistance. So please make sure your router is successfully connected to the internet in order to use the local sharing function properly.

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