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full guide on how to convert kindle cloud reader to pdf

Updated on August, 2020: Amazon stopped providing the downloading option with Kindle Cloud Reader, which causes Epubor KCR Converter failed to help extract our Kindle books from KCR. In other words, Epubor KCR Converter is not able to use any more. For converting Kindle books to PDF, please use the unique effective (and easy to use) tool: Epubor Kindle to PDF Converter.

Since Amazon started using new DRM technology on its KFX eBooks, converting Kindle KFX to PDF or ePUB is not as easy as before. That’s also why I write this article today. Converting Kindle Cloud Reader to PDF is the easiest method you can find to remove Kindle DRM and convert kindle books for now. In fact, it’s the unique way to convert KFX eBooks on Mac Catalina.

Tools you need:
1. Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser;
2. Epubor KCR Converter

Step1. Download Kindle Books from Kindle Cloud Reader (Offline)

Video tutorial you can’t miss:

Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Visit and sign in with your own amazon account.

Click the book to download it offline.

download and pin Kindle cloud reader books

When it’s opened, it’s downloaded automatically in the background. Waiting for the downloading completed.

1. After you opening one book, don’t exit current page until it’s 100% downloaded.

2. we can only download kindle books one by one from Kindle Cloud Reader. There is no batch downloading option for us.

Step2. Convert Kindle Books from Kindle Cloud Reader to PDF

Launch Epubor KCR Converter.

It will list all the downloaded kindle books that you downloaded via kindle chrome web app. As above image shows, click on sync icon first, select the books, and then choose PDF as the target output format. Click on “Convert to…” button, conversion soon begins.

download kindle cloud reader to pdf

Note: For successfully converting, click on the “Sync” icon first so that the KCR Converter can detect all the newly downloaded kindle books(while kcr converter is running). And then select books to convert formats. This is very important.

Once the conversion completed, the output folder pops up automatically. And you can also click on the “output folder” to find them.

converted kcr

If you can’t open one book via Kindle Cloud Reader, the KCR Converter will be unable to help convert your Kindle books. In this situation, you should use Kindle desktop app to help download your Kindle books first, and then use Epubor Ultimate.

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