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TubeDigger is one of the very best advanced online video downloaders available on the market these days. You can download online videos from any sites as you wish with 2 simple steps

  1. Input URL
  2. Inpect videos from input URL

Step 1/3 – Input the URL of webpage with video links

Tubedigger supports 3 methods for inputing an URL as follows:

Type URL manually

You can copy and paste the URL from your browser to the Tubedigger URL box. Or you can type the URL manually as you work with any common browser.

Hit Enter to go. And if there is no playing video, press it to start playing so that the program can detect the video source quickly.

How to download online videos with TubeDigger

Monitor browsing URL from a using external browser

Simply hit Monitor Browser from TubeDigger window. The browing video pages are now monitored by the program and they would be addedd to the target list automatically.

Drag video link from external browser to TubeDigger

You can alse drag the video page from your using browser to TubeDigger window.

drag the video page from your using browser to TubeDigger window

Step 2/2 – Input URL inspecting and video links revealed

As soon as you press the Enter button (above step) the program starts inspecting the input URL for videos available to download.

It depends on the server of the video site you chose, it may take a few seconds up to a few minutes to finish the video inspection.

Video should start downloading in a few seconds or when ads finish.

How to download online videos with TubeDigger