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This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine Build 7600/7601

This issue is known as one of the most common Windows errors usually happens after installing updates.

The error should always come with message at the bottom right of your screen as follows:

“Windows 7
Build 7601
This copy of Windows is not genuine”

Fix This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine issue completely and permanently

Recent reports show that the issue seems to be happened after installing an Windows 7 update packs named KB971033 which has a new so-called Windows Activation Technologies implemented.

So, uninstalling this update would help you to get rid of this issue.

Warning: Uninstalling Windows update would result in malfunction of some program files and unexpected data loss on your computer. To keep data safe, it is recommended to back up your computer before uninstalling the update.

Backup your computer with ShadowMaker

Windows has it own backup feature and restore feature that would be in help in some situation. However, within this page, we’d like to recommend you using ShadowMaker because it is much more flexible and easier to use.

With ShadowMaker you can choose to back up files, folders, disks, partitions or the whole system files.

Step 1/3 – Back up Windows system with ShadowMaker

  • Open ShadowMaker
  • Select between Local and Remote backup

ShadowMaker supports remote backup for saving the backup to another computer in the same LAN network.

Step 2/3 – Back up Windows system with ShadowMaker – Select a backup mode

Switch to Home interface and click on SET UP BACKUP button.

By default, all system partitions are selected. To back up files, partition or the entire system disk, you need to enter the Source and select a designate type of source.

Choose a location to store the backup image file.

Step 3/3 – Back up Windows system with ShadowMaker

Go back to the Backup page and click Back up Now to start the backup.

Video tutorial on how to use Minitool ShadowMaker for Backup and Restore

Uninstall Windows 7 KB971033 update

After finish the system backup, it is good to go now with uninstalling the Windows update KB871033 to fix this copy of Windows is not genuine build 7600/7601.

  • Go to Start, open Control Panel window.
  • Choose System and Security and select Windows Update.
  • Within Windows Update part, and click View installed updates option. Or click on View update history and hit the Installed Updates link at the top.
  • Find the update of KB971033 and right-click on it to choose Uninstall button.