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This write-up will permit customers to get to the bottom of the Exchange grimy shutdown error by means of the usage of Exchange Extensible Storage Engine Utilities (ESEUTIL) instrument.

For Exchange Server to begin up easily, it is important that its database is close down correctly. For this, it must be ensured that database is “detached” to the transaction log information (approach the knowledge in transaction log is dedicated to the database information). At the time when Exchange Server is began, this situation is looked at and the lacking knowledge within the database information is then dedicated mechanically with the assistance of to be had log information.

If the database is indifferent from the transaction log information, Exchange Server does no longer require the former log information to begin up. The log information end up to be a super asset when an older model of database must be restored. It is precisely really useful to not completely delete any log report till it’s ensured that older model of database isn’t had to be replayed.

Transaction log lines each minute and primary exchange carried out in Exchange database. The knowledge or data that must be added to the person mailbox is first registered in log information and then it’s written into the database.The dimension of a log report is fastened and when the transaction log is complete, a brand new one is created. The numbering of log report in a chain is helping the person to needless to say a brand new log is generated.

To take a look at if a database is correctly indifferent; test whether it is in blank shutdown state or grimy shutdown state. To read about the state worth of Exchange database, observe the stairs discussed beneath:

Click at the ‘Start’ button and within the run textbox, input ‘cmd’ and hit input.

For Public Folders, sort the command:

public folder state

For Private Folders, sort the command:

private folders state

Here it’s assumed that Exchange Server is put in at: ‘c:program filesexchsrvr folder’ and the database is stored at ‘c:program filesexchsrvrmdbdata folder’.

If the State=Clean Shutdown, it implies that the database is accurately indifferent.

clean shutdown

Database State: Clean Shutdown

If the State=Dirty Shutdown, it approach there are transactions which can be awaited to dedicated to the database.

dirty shutdown

Database State: Dirty Shutdown

What is Dirty System Shutdown?

The Exchange Server database is according to JET engine the place log information is accountable to stay a monitor of enter and output operations within the database report. ESE makes use of the concept that of mailbox database cache as a way to scale back the input-output operation rely.

When an operation is loaded to the cached reminiscence and it isn’t dedicated to the ideas retailer, the JET engine marks it as DIRTY. Until the pending transaction is dedicated to the database, it isn’t regarded as as up to date and until the time grimy pages are there within the database, it is regarded as as inconsistent.

Until the transaction may have finished, if the gadget shuts down accidently, the database stay hooked up to the log report because of which DIRTY SYSTEM SHUTDOWN error is gained on display.

Error Messages You Might Receive Due to Exchange Dirty Shutdown Error
error 550

Error 550

error 528

Error 528

dirty shutdown error

Dirty Shutdown Error

How to Fix Dirty Shutdown Error?

1)    When LOG Files are in Clean State

This drawback will also be resolved by means of appearing soft recovery Exchange 2016/2013/2010 database by which the transaction log is replayed when it’s re-mounted because of surprising prevent.

This will also be carried out the usage of Exchange Storage Engine Utility (popularly referred to as ESEUTIL) which is an executable report to accomplish restore, integrity test, defragmentation and different operations on Exchange database whilst it’s offline. For comfortable restoration of database, it must be ensured that required log information don’t seem to be broken. To take a look at this, sort “Eseutil /ml “Path of the log fileslog prefix” in command urged.

log file state

Log File State

The syntax for comfortable restoration is:

soft recovery

Soft Recovery Syntax



soft recovery process

Soft Recovery Process

2)   When Log Files are Missing

When the log information don’t seem to be in blank state, grimy gadget shutdown mistakes will also be fastened with arduous restoration of database. It is very similar to comfortable restoration with the one distinction that the transaction log is replayed by means of restoring database from on-line backup.

If a legitimate backup is to be had, repair database  information (.edb and .stm) and transaction logs. When the recovery procedure is whole, a report named ‘restore.env’ gets created at brief folder ‘C:Temp’.

restored data



It is really useful to keep a copy of folder containing log information and repair.env folder as all through arduous restoration, there are probabilities that some knowledge would possibly get misplaced.  


Folder Copy

For arduous restore, run the next command: ‘Eseutil /cc “Path of the restore.env containing folder

hard recovery

Hard Repair

hard recovery result

Hard Repair Process

Now cross to the folder the place repair.env folder used to be stored. You will in finding that it’s empty.

after hard recovery

Post Hard Repair

3)   When there is not any Valid Backup

If log information don’t seem to be to be had and no legitimate backup is to be had, then within the command urged, input following restoration syntax: eseutil /p <database_name>

syntax without backup

For No Valid Backup

Following message might be caused on display, click on OK


And the restoration procedure gets began:

recovery without backup

When restoration is whole, once more run mh transfer to test the consistency of database. It must be Clean Shutdown. After this, defragment the database.

 Perform Offline Defragmentation the usage of Eseutil 

Offline defragmentation arranges the database on Server, gets rid of the unused pages thereby lowering the disk house. A brand new database is created that incorporates of the previous knowledge unfastened from unused pages. The database thus created is compacted and is helping to regulate the dis house.

Eseutil/d command is used to defrag Exchange mailbox database and the syntax is ‘eseutil /d Database_Name’


Defragmentation Syntax


Additional Information


Checkpoint File: To stay a monitor of what database has no longer been written to the database, Exchange Server maintains EDB.chk  (checkpoint) report. At the time of restoration after any failure, it signifies the log report level from the place the restoration must get started.

Restore.env Folder: Similar to the checkpoint report, this folder defines the variability of transaction logs that are supposed to be found in brief folder for database restoration.

Bringing It All Together

The procedure shared above to convey inconsistent Exchange database into constant state exemplifies complexity by means of ESEutil. A easy process to mend grimy shutdown error will also be followed via SysTools Exchange Recovery software. The resolution has specialization to get better and service corrupted offline/dismounted Exchange database information. Users can use this instrument to get better & repair EDB file and mailboxes from corruption and export at once to the to the Live Exchange Server, Office 365 and more than one report structure.

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