Remove DRM from Amazon Kindle azw/prc/mobi/tpz

Deal Score+30
Deal Score+30

Note: As we have several articles about this topic and some of them have thin content, so we published an all-in-one guide about using Epubor Ultimate to handle different situation like you are using Kindle Touch/Paperwhite/Voyage or just Kindle Android app. So please just click the link above to read that article.

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1. Authorize your copy of Kindle for PC and “Sync and check for new items”

Install Kindle for PC and authorize your copy. Our software works with the new version of Kindle for PC perfectly.

2. Load Kindle eBooks
View the book in Kindle for PC. (in other words, make sure it is downloaded to your computer, not in “Archived Items”)

3. Run Epubor Ultimate to remove drm from kindle & Mobipokect Reader(azw, prc, mobi, topaz)
Run Epubor Ultimate, you’ll see your downloaded kindle file display under kindle column. Just drag these files to the right blank window, voila, all your files will be decrypted immediately.

remove drm from kindle for pc or mac

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