read kindle books on Nook

Read Kindle eBooks on Nook

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read kindle books on Nook

Just like the problem with Google Play Books, solved by using Epubor Ultimate, Kindle eBooks also need to be processed before they can be read on Nook devices.

This page will show you how to use (again) Epubor Ultimate for removing the Kindle DRM from your purchased eBooks from Amazon and converting them to Nook supported formats. Converted eBooks using Epubor Ultimate then could also be used for sharing with friends easily.

Kindle & Nook Face-off

There are many reasons make eBook readers want to read Kindle books on their Nook devices while both brands support nearly the same books library with same-level functional eReader.

One of the reasons is Amazon has more cheaper eBooks of various directories including free eBooks. And, the other minor reason is that Nook Color supports popular EPUB format while Kindle does not.

Epubor Ultimate is an excellent app, which is available for both Windows and Mac platform, provides unique solution for eBooks converting and DRM removing. So, we can use this program to stripped the DRM from Kindle audiobooks and convert them to EPUB format for reading on Nook device.

Download purchased Kindle eBooks

Download & install Kindle for PC.

Run Kindle for PC and authorize it with your Amazon Kindle account.

Go to Tools from top menu of Kindle for PC interface, select Sync and Check for New Items (F5).

This action will selently download all the eBooks of yours to local hard disk.

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Break and convert the DRM-protected Kindle audiobooks

Run Epubor Ultimate program and switch to Kindle tab.

You will see all your purchased Kindle eBooks from the left column of the program interface.

Drag and drop the eBooks from the left into the right column and select EPUB as output format.

If your Kindle eBooks are saved in your E-Ink Kindle eReader instead of your Kindle for PC library, please connect your Kindle to computer via USB cable. Epubor Ultimate would help to detect Kindle device connected and display all the eBooks in the left side column.

Hit the Convert to EPUB button to start the conversion.

You will get the folder with converted eBook poping up as soon as the conversion finished.

More tips on Epubor Ultimate and other DRM removing program

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