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As we all known that Apple’s iPhone has become one of the most popular smartphones. Especially after Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO officially read epub on iphoneannounced their new smart phone on Sep 10th, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus soon become the hottest topic all over the world, such as iphone 6 release date, price, features, specs, etc. You are waiting for its on sale on Sep 19th, yes? Me too!

But my concern is about the reading experience on iPhone, you know I’m a totally eBooks crazy fans, I’m always hunting for the easiest way to read eBooks on multiple devices. Though smartphones’ screen is small, but very convenient. Today this article I want to share with you how to read epub on iPhone, including the iPhone 6/ 6 Plus/ 5/ 4/ 4S, etc. Next week I will show how to read pdf on iphone, so sorry please be patient, my dear friends.

About reading epub files on iphone, just with several steps to solve, get a follow.

Step 1: Find an epub app for iPhone

Before we read epub files on iPhone, an epub-compatible app must be installed on the device. Otherwise we couldn’t open them.

best epub reader on iphone

But which app is the best? There are many epub reading apps we can use on our iphone, but I know your question is not who they are but who the best is, yes?

Based on my own experience, I do want to recommend you the iBooks. I know after hearing this answer you felt a little disappointed, as every iphone user does know this app from apple. However, just because of this, I love it very much. As an official reading app, why not choose it when we are using their official device?

From Appstore search for iBooks, then tap on “free” to “install” it to your iphone.

Tips: certainly you can install several different epub readers on your iphone for a different reading experience. But if you gathered a large number of epub books from different ebook stores, I don’t advise this trial, the first reason is changing the app is very messy, more reasons please continue reading the following parts.

Step 2: Make sure epub files are readable

Why we should do this step? Here take iBooks as an example.

In fact iBooks only receives those books purchased from iBookstore. This means, if we find one book interesting but not on selling in iBookstore, we could do nothing just with iBooks. We have to go into that site to buy this book, and also need to install another reading app that can accept the “special” epub book. Specifically, we can not read kobo/ google/ sony/ nook books on iphone with iBooks.

You may even want to ask me “if so why you still recommend us use iBooks”. Calm down, all of the reading apps have the same problem! If you use Kobo app, you can only read books purchased from rakuten kobo; if you use nook app, you are also demanded to read books from B&N store. In nowadays eBooks’ industry, this is a widespread phenomenon. Their providers want to protect their contents, also the authority.

As we ebooks reading lovers, it does really bother us very much. I do my best to save money to buy an iPhone (you know the price is not so cheap), and I also spend money on my favourite books, but why I couldn’t dominate my own files on my own device?

To solve this problem, here I tell you the method to make your epub books readable. In fact nearly all the epub books are protected with DRM limitation, so if we want to make them free so that we can dominate by ourselves, we can remove drm from epub with this tool Epubor Ultimate.

For our iBooks epub books, we can read them with iBooks app directly, just with “Open in iBooks”.

But if your epub files are purchased or downloaded from other sources, it is likely that they are with drm protection. Download them to your computer please. Then run the tool to add epub books, as what you have seen from this image, drm removing soon begin and end.

make epub readable with drm removing

Tips: most of our epub books are with Adobe DRM, to remove them you should ensure that you can open them with Adobe Digital Editions. Another epub books are with Nook drm (some of purchased from b&n store’s books). Detailed information open this guide in a new window remove drm from epub.

Till this step you have let your epub books readable, free to transfer, open with different apps. Click on “Remove DRM” button to get them.

Step 3: Transfer epub to iPhone

From the output folder you can see those epub books (not from iBookstore).

Then make sure we can read them on iPhone, we need to transfer them to our iPhone.

Here show you transfer epub to iPhone with iTunes.

1. Connect iPhone to pc with USB.

2. Open iTunes on your computer.

3. Drag epub files from the output folder to iTunes “Books” folder.

drag epub to itunes

4. Drag books from the library to your device iPhone.

After connected with pc, you will see the device’s name “iPhone”. Click on it, then the tap on “Sync Books” to select. “Apply” please. That’s done.

Tips: you can also transfer files to iPhone without iTunes. By email, or with dropbox, or wifi synchronization. But this way with iTunes is the easiest way.

Step 4: Read epub on iPhone with iBooks

Now disconnect your pc and iphone, and then open your iBooks app. From the bookshelf you will see those epub books you added just now. Open them to enjoy your reading now!

read epub on iphone ibooks

That’s done. Enjoy your reading please. Hopefully the new iPhone 6 could give me a more fantastic reading journey, and you?

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