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A Windows & Mac utility for uploading photos to Instagram

Thanks to the modern technology and the great work of Eltima IBC Inc’s engineers, uploading to Instagram is now possible on Mac along with the Windows version.

With Uplet (100% written in Swift) and the convenient keyboard of Mac machine, the uploading to Instagram becomes easier than ever. Multiple photos can now be captioned and shared with a single click, while the resolution and quality is kept intact.


Bulk Instagram uploader for Mac

How easy it is for Instagram multiple photos uploading

Step 1/3 – Add Photos

Use drag&drop to select the photos, no matter a few or a hundred,  you want to share into Uplet window.

Step 2/3 – Edit Photos

Caption and resize/crop each and every picture before posting as you wish

  • Individual editing
    The program supports editing each photo, individually. However, all the photos can be applied with the unique appearance and caption when posting.
  • Orientation/Crop and resize
    This feature is excellent for you want to show a certain part of photos. And, you can also select original or square size in high-resolution for uploading.
  • Сaptions
    Uplet supports emojis and hashtags to tell your Instagram friends the whole story.

Step 3/3 – Bulk photos upload

With Uplet you can upload Instagram from Mac in one click. A whole bunch of photos or videos in just one click!

Instagram Multi-Account solution

Since version 1.3 of Uplet, you can post photos to all your personal and business Instagram accounts. Re-login is no longer needed, just switch between accounts in a single click.

Tips on using Uplet

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