System Mechanic

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System Mechanic is a best-selling product line from iolo technologies, LLC. which helps to enhances and protects your computer effectively.


What’s New in System Mechanic 20

New Deceptive and Unwanted Programs Remover
Your PC could be harboring deceptive programs masquerading as helpful antivirus or cleanup tools that can instead do real harm to your computer.

These programs come in a wide variety of types and can range from nuisance software to phony trialware that is downright malevolent in purpose.

System Mechanic® 20 can help you identify and remove these deceptive causes of slowdown, or worse. Some types of unwanted programs the new feature can find include:

  • Annoying adware
  • Scareware masquerading as legitimate software, such as an antivirus
  • Fake trialware that doesn’t function as it claims to
  • Dubious registry “cleaners”
  • Nuisance software such as unwanted toolbars
  • Sneaky or “piggyback” installs
  • Privacy-compromising software
  • Browser hijackers

How does the Deceptive and Unwanted Programs Remover work?

  • After you perform a system analysis (scan), if deceptive or potentially unwanted programs were found on your computer, a Recommendation will appear in the results.
  • Click directly from the Dashboard Recommendation to open the Deceptive and Unwanted Programs Remover.
  • Review and choose whether to remove any or all identified apps.
  • System Mechanic will launch the uninstaller.

Enhanced Tune-up Definitions™

System Mechanic’s proprietary database of stability and performance risks is substantially expanded, with more separately defined threats added more frequently. This allows System Mechanic to:

  • Intelligently adapt to a wider variety of:
    • System configurations
    • Installed software
  • Continually discover new ways to reverse your PC’s aging process

What’s New in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Enhanced Privacy Guardian™
iolo’s total performance, protection and privacy suite System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™ deploys Privacy Guardian to thwart invasive monitoring and collection of your online browsing habits. Privacy Guardian also automates the deletion of web-browsing data stored on your computer.

Privacy Guardian has received the following new enhancements:

  • Re-engineered with increased focus on web browsing performance
  • Streamlined user interface to afford easier access to the online security tools in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, all in one place
  • Now you can easily disable several overly-aggressive Windows® 10 data-collection default settings from within the new Privacy Guardian menu:
    • Disable Microsoft Diagnostics, Data Collection and Telemetry Services
    • Disable Location Services
    • Disable SmartScreen Service
    • Disable Windows Feedback Service

System Mechanic® product line includes three differed editions suitable for multiple using purpose.

System Mechanic

This very basic edition of System Mechanic product line provides you solution to fix and speed up your PC automatically and effective.

System Mechanic is designed to react automatically when your system need more speed and resource to work properly. Usually the program can boost your PC up and increase the availability of CPU, RAM and hard drive resources when you need to play around with high-demand apps.

If your computer has problems, you can also fix it with System Mechanic . The program is believed to be able to fix over 30,000 different problems using intelligent live updates from iolo Labs™.

And, one of the most important features in this edition of System Mechanic is that it also works on privacy and security matter.

The program detects and killed unwanted startup programs and services that slow your computer down. Your sensitive browsing history could also be wiped out safely, and dangerous changes to your system could be blocked, too.

For the Internet and browsing, the program is also implemented with technology to optimizes hidden Windows Internet settings for faster downloads, snappier page loads, less buffering, improved video quality and smoother gaming. And, hidden junk files could also be detected and removed to give back your system space.

System Mechanic Business

Beside all the feature the basic edition above has, this edition of System Mechanic is strengthened with a few more minor features for multiple computers at your office.

System Mechanic Pro

The Ultimate PC Performance Package which is enhanced with the implementation of 3 more iolo improved products including ENHANCED System Shield®, ENHANCED DriveScrubber® and ENHANCED Search and Recover™.

With these more features, your computer is kept safe from virus, your privacy is secured more and your data is protected.

ENHANCED System Shield®

VB100-certified antivirus solution deploys malware signature detection and behavior-monitoring heuristics for the most advanced threat elimination yet.

ENHANCED DriveScrubber®

Privacy protection designed to permanently erase sensitive data after it’s deleted.

ENHANCED Search and Recover™

Retrieves many lost and accidentally deleted files from PCs, cameras and more.

System Mechanic Manuals

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Platforms Support

Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows Vista (64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit), Windows XP (64-bit)