Phoenix 360™

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What is Phoenix 360™

Phoenix 360 is a solution provided by iolo technologies, LLC. specializes in system performance and privacy protection. This solution is a packed with the vendor’s popular software program includes Privacy Guardian™, ByePass™, System Shield™, Malware Killer™, System Mechanic®, Search and Recover™ and DriveScrubber®.

A Total Performance, Protection & Privacy solution

  • Optimize PC from junk files, duplicated registry to enhance system speed
  • Smart detect, block and remove malware
  • Recover system files to keep your PC working properly
  • Permanently remove sensitive data when needed
  • Protect your online data from anonymous spying
  • Enhance identity theft protection
  • Help browser cleaning tracking cookie better
  • Manage all submitted passwords securely

Privacy Guardian™

Play an important role in Phoenix 360 solution, Privacy Guardian protect online privacy from browser fingerprinting scripts.

Recent known incidents showing that your identity as follows could be revealed and leaked during your online connectivity:

  • Online searches
  • Videos watched
  • Websites visited
  • Vacation habits
  • Prescription medicines
  • Vehicle purchases
  • Income and debt
  • Marital and child status

The problem is the leaked data of you could be used against you. The most common problem that you would have noticed is displaying the same targeted ad wherever you are.

So, Privacy Guardian is designed to offer you protection from the latest, most sophisticated types of online tracking.


ByePass dismisses all your hassle with everyday online purchasing by protecting you your credit card information and your submitted passwords from being stolen.o make purchases.

If you are in the below checklist, it is definitely you need ByePass and/or Phoenix 360.

  • Failure to change passwords frequently enough
  • Failure to create completely different passwords for every app/service/site
  • Storing passwords in an unencrypted browser
  • Failure to log out of websites before leaving your device
  • All of the above

What ByePass could do to help is to:

  • Securely encrypts and stores your passwords, credit cards info with military-grade encryption.
  • Get rid of the so-called passwords to remember
  • Securely organize password lists
  • Ensure adequacy of your passwords
  • Autofill the type password box
  • Remotely log out of all websites from wherever you are.

System Shield

System Shield is a VB100-certified anti-malware solution that can detect most of viruses by using using published malware signature detection and by behavior-monitoring techniques to sense whether a target application may harm your computer. That is called reactive strategy.

The proactive strategy from System Shield/Phoenix 360 implemented with unique algorithm and sophisticated behavior-monitoring techniques. This is the most effective way to to build a general sense of whether a given file intends to harm your computer, stopping attacks before a security patch for a particular threat is released.

System Shield AntiVirus and AntiSpyware screenshot

Main interface

Malware Killer

Malware Killer program is designed for not only discovering but also removing dangerous malware from your computer. It also work efficiently with new outbreaks.

Whenever a suspicious sample of malware is detected, Malware Killer send it to the cloud-based malware database so that all the systems running Phoenix 360 or Malware Killer could immediately share the update. So, rest ensured that new type of malware or latest threats will not bother you anymore.

iolo Phoenix 360 review, Malware Killer screenshot

Malware Killer screenshot

System Mechanic®

This is a known one of the best software program for preventing your Windows from slowdown.

The seven-time winner of the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award, System Mechanic is the first program deploys a series of complex automated maintenance actions to help keep your PC stable and clutter-free.

The following tasks are taken care by System Mechanic automatically:

  • Boosts your PC speed
  • Repairs existing problems
  • Cleans out clutter
  • Increases system stability
  • Discovers bloatware
  • Unleashes internet speed for gamer

A group of real-time features next scales back unimportant, processor-hogging apps, unlocks trapped RAM and idle processor cores for programs when they need it, and improves a whole cache of under-performing network settings for the smoothest streaming, gaming or browsing available with your broadband connection.

System Mechanic is also designed and optimized for Windows 10 so that whenever your Windows 10 system goes idle, the program will start its task to remove junk files, to fix registry fragments, and to clean out other unwanted clutter that confuses and slows down Windows.

System Mechanic Professional

Real-time processor, memory and hard drive optimization

Search and Recover

Search and Recover has the powerful technology that can retrieve items when many other file-recovery products miss.

The bundled System Mechanic module is meant to provide you the benefits as follows:

  • Recover lost/deleted emails from popular email clients base on keyword search
  • Nearly all type of devices are supported:
    • Cameras
    • memory cards
    • USB keys

The recovery are designed in way of step-by-step wizards so that it will take you no time and no hassle at all.


There are some types of data you would like to delete completely like sensitive pictures, bank statements, confidential emails, credit card numbers, etc.

DriveScrubber safely and permanently deletes sensitive data from entire hard drives with military-grade file deletion technology.

DriveScrubber was built to satisfy the strict protocols of mission-critical government and military entities.

Additional information


Platforms Support

Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit)