Commander One PRO

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Commander One PRO, written entirely using Apple’s new Swift programming language, is a very useful app for Mac system with dual-panel file manager support. For OS X users, this is known as the best solution offers classic feeling of fast & convenient keyboard and mouse Finder alternative.

Dual-panel file manager

This feature brings back advantages of user interface experience while all efforts to improve Apple’s Finder does not. With the two panels on the two sides, transferring files between different locations and paths is much easier.

Files can be moved without usual efforts on working with side-by-side Finder windows or tabs. All tasks could be done with Drag&Drop and customizable Hotkeys.

Each panel supports an unlimited number of tabs so that users can open each folder in a tab. And, there’s  also a handy switch to show/hide hidden files.

Commander One PRO Pack

Main interface

Advanced search with RegExp support

Commander One PRO Pack screenshot


Commander One also supports search for any files and folders on any disks even if compressed. And, you can even search for files which contains a certain keyword in case you do not remember the file name at all.

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