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Excellent personal accounting software for working with a single database and synchronize changes over the Internet.


This personal accounting software is for managing income and expenses with ease.

Alzex Personal Finance software not only allowing beginners to track their personal finances but also offer a wide range of functionality and settings for professional users. With the software, you can monitor and understand the outcome and income pathway of your money so that you can easily cut your unecessary expense.

User accounts & access restrictions

The Alzex Finance program allow many users to work on the same database file. In addition to that, the program also help to track every created transactions, to protect transactions from changes with a password and to hide them from other users. Any change to database file is possible for using undo and redo command.

Batch editing (grouping, renaming and other actions over sets of records) is also supported in both Home and Pro editions of Alzex Finance software.

Transaction grouping, flexible filters and sorting is also an strong feature of the program.


The program contains almost all currencies of the world, plus precious metals. Automatically download exchange rates.


The scheduler lets you create recurring transactions. These transactions will be created automatically, without any user intervention, or with his confirmation, if needed.

Tracking debts and credits

You can borrow and lend money, and it will be displayed in the program. To repay debts, you can use any account and any currency.


Alzex Personal Finance software makes it easy to monitor progress in achieving your financial goals and control expenses.

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