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Play DVD Disc and DVD Image File with Zoom Player Max

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In most cases, you can play DVD Disc simply by switching to DVD Mode (F10) and hitting Play in Zoom Player Max.

What if you have have a DVD content as image file (for example, a 4GB file with an .IMG format) or a copied folder of DVD Disc content?

We will walk you through these cases with step-by-step instruction below.

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A brief introduction to Zoom Player Max DVD Playback feature

There is no doubt that you can play any DVD content from your DVD disc or from your hard drive with Zoom Player Max.

However, the smart DVD Front-End of Zoom Player Max can help you with this on the condition that your system has right audio and video codecs installed.

DirectX Required

Zoom Player requires at least 8.1 version of DirectX to work properly. However, it is recommended that you should have latest version of DirectX installed.

Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video, on Microsoft platforms.

Download DirectX for your Windows version from here.

Install necessary Decoders

Thanks to the useful Zoom Player Install Center, all the missing codecs would need for your system to play DVD content properly are ready for you to use from the very first steps of Zoom Player MAX installation and initial configuration.

Basic Decoder Configuration required

It is recommended that you should select DScaler as default decoder for both Audio and Video and Default DirectSound Device as your audio renderer.

Playing DVD

Play DVD Discs

As we all know that the original stat of a DVD content is on a DVD disc. In this case, we simply switch Zoom Player Max to DVD Mode (F10) and hit Play button.

If you have multiple DVD drives containing DVD Discs, you can press Shift+D and select the DVD Drive you want to play. 

Play DVD Image file .IMG or .ISO

For systems with Windows version before Windows 10/8

If you have a DVD image file (for example, a 4GB file in IMG format), you will need to mount it first in to a virtual DVD Drive. Zoom Player Max then read that virtual drive as a real on.

To mount the IMG/ISO file into virtual DVD Drive, yo can use a free image-mounting tool called Daemon Tools.

For Windows 10/8 systems

Fortunately, Windows 10/8 officially supports mounting ISO/IMG files with ease. Simply make right-click on your IMG/ISO file and select Mount command within the the context menu.

Play copied DVD Content in INFO format

Beside the common DVD Disc and DVD Image Files, we can always play a copied DVD content as long as it was fully copied.

To play a copied DVD File Structure, you can either open the VIDEO_TS.IFO file in the Zoom Player Open File dialog, or open the entire folder using Zoom Player’s Open Folder function (Alt+D)

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