Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac

Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac Released

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With Parallels Desktop, you can run Windows, Linux and other popular operating systems on your Mac® without rebooting. For over a decade, we’ve been the #1 solution for over 7 million users worldwide.

Version 15 includes many exciting features: Support for DirectX 11, leveraging macOS® Catalina innovations, additional Mac integration points, new virtualized hardware, performance increases and lots more.

 Parallels Desktop® Lite

Designed for the Mac® user who occasionally needs to use a non-Mac application.

Parallels Desktop® for Mac

Designed for users who are switching from PC to Mac®, and the home or student user who frequently needs to use non-Mac applications on a Mac. Simple and easy functionality for the first-time Mac user.

Parallels Desktop® for Mac Pro Edition

Designed for the developer, tester or experienced power user who needs the very best performance and extended functionality for running non-Mac applications on Mac®.

Parallels Desktop® for Mac Business Edition

Designed for professionals, teams and IT departments that manage multiple Mac® computers and need to run Windows® on Mac with the very best performance.

Additional Mac Integration Points

Every year, we integrate the best features from Windows and Mac. This year, our users can find more Mac features included in Windows. You can now save your Windows passwords in keychain, drag and drop files live from Safari, preview thumbnails, email a file in Mail (Video below) and lots more.

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