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Many people may have encountered a trouble that you always purchase ebooks on amazon, and you can enjoy your kindle ebooks perfectly on kindle reader, but now you want to read your kindle ebooks on your new blackberry and there are two boring issues–drm protection and ebook format.

Want to read ebooks purchased from Amazon on blackberry playbook? There are 2 ways to achieve this goal.

Method 1: Convert Kindle books to Playbook

Step1. Remove DRM from Kindle eBooks.
Step2. Convert .azw or .mobi to ePub,then transfer your ePub files to blackberry playbook.


1 If your kindle books are Kindle DRM(azw, mobi) protected, you should remove Kindle DRM first. Output UnDRM azw files will automatically be saved as .mobi format.

2 Kobo reader app doesn’t support azw or mobi format, but it supports free DRM ePub and PDF, so you also need to convert  undrm mobi  to ePub to make reading more perfect.

 3 This method enables you to read kindle books on any epub supported devices, like nook, sony reader, ipad and others.


Blackberry PlayBook ebook reader

The BlackBerry Playbook is a tablet made by the maker of BlackBerry smartphones–RIM. Like other tablets, it can be used as an ebook reader. With video chat, Adobe Flash supported, and excellent technical stats.7″ LCD display, 1024 x 600 screen resolution High resolution, it becomes a good choice for reading ebooks.


Method 2: Install Kindle app for playbook

Kobo reader app is the default e-book reader app available for the PlayBook, but it can only read ePub books. Amazon has its own Kindle app family for all the popular platforms, including Blackberry. So you can try to install Kindle for Blackberry App on your playbook.

So you can purchase books on kindle amazon then transfer them to blackberry playbook to save money. Of course we should know that kobo reader supports ebook formats ePub and PDF ADE before purchasing. In fact many kindle books are AZW(Mobi) and PDF formats that have Kindle DRM protected, so we can’t transfer or copy them freely.

Some good tips for you

Tip 1. How do I transfer eBooks from Blackberry Playbook to Kindle Fire?

#1. Plug your Playbook to computer, find the eBooks in the removable drive.
#2. If the books are in .Mobi format, you can refer to this article, it introduces you 3 ways to transfer Mobi eBooks to Kindle.
#3. If the books are in .ePub or .PDF format, please convert them to .Mobi first, then transfer them to Kindle using the methods above.

Tip 2. How to read ePub files in Kobo/Sony/Nook on Blackberry Playbook?

#1. In most cases, you can not directly transfer those eBooks to Playbook then read them, because those eBooks are DRM protected.
#2. For all the eBooks from Kobo/Sony/Nook, you can convert them to ePub by this product, even if they are DRM protected. Then transfer them to your Blackberry Playbook and read them by reading apps.
#3. For Kobo eBooks, you can install the Kobo reading app for Blackberry, then all the eBooks you purchased from Kobo Store will sync to your Playbook.

Tip 3. eBook reading apps for ePub and Kindle books on Blackberry Playbook.

A good reading app on Blackberry Playbook, it is free. Book Reader.
And this one is not that functional than Book Reader, but it’s keeping better off itself, what’s more, it is totally free. PlayePub.


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