GoldWave voice changer

How to Use Voice Changer Software With GoldWave to do Voice-Over

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GoldWave is a very well known and highly rated software using for professional digital audio editor, recording and editing your podcasts. The program can do almost any sophisticated audio processing, restoration, enhancements and conversions with your recordings.
This tutorial will instruct you on how to use Voice Changer Software Diamond with GoldWave to do professional voice-over tasks.

Step 1/2

  1. Run GoldWave program
  2. Click to expand Options menu and select Control Properties (or press F11) to open Control Properties

GoldWave and Voice Changer Software

Step 2/2

  1. Via Control Properties, select Device tab (1)
  2. Via Device tab, select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (2) under Record option
  3. Hit OK to save the changes and close the window

GoldWave and Voice Changer Software

All Done!

From now on, if you want to have your voice changed when making recordings in GoldWave, you just need to run the AV Voice Changer Software program at the same time with GoldWave program.

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 - Voice Morpher

Our released tutorials as follows would be in much help for you to learn how to change your voice to different ages and sex.

Good Luck!

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