How to use sysprep to remove SID and delopy image with AOMEI Image Deploy.

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In some cases, you might experience problems with SID related issues after you deploy a system image to different computers in the same domain. For instance, some computers might be excluded from the domain because of IP conflict. Using the same SID on multiple computers in the same domain might also pose a security risk.

Thus, the Sysprep /generalize command removes unique information from a Windows installation so that you can safely reuse that image on a different computer.

To solve the problem, you can firstly run the Sysprep command to remove the SID information from a computer you wish to create a deployment image from and then deploy that image to multiple computers using the AOMEI Image Deployment tool.

Before you begin

Please prepare a bootable media created with AOMEI Backupper. As for how to create a bootable media, please check the instructions in the following link:


1. Please firstly load the AOMEI Backupper before you use sysprep to remove SID so the partitions on your PC can be marked and recorded.

Use Sysprep To Remove Sid

2. Remove SID with Sysprep.exe.

2.1 Please press the “Windows key+R”, type “sysprep” and press “Enter” to find the sysprep.exe file.

2.2 Please run the “sysprep.exe” command, choose “Enter System OOBE”, tick “Generalize” option and select “Shutdown”.

2.3 Press “OK” and the sysprep application will execute the operation. The computer will shut down automatically after the operation is completed.

Tips: You can also run the sysprep command to remove the SID information using the Windows command prompt. Please go through the following steps:

Press the “Windows key+R” and type “cmd” and press the ENTER key to launch the command prompt. Type the following commands as shown below pressing ENTER after each (ignore preceeding dashes).

–> c:

–> cd c:windowssystem32sysprep

–> sysprep.exe /generalize /oobe /shutdown

3. Please boot the syspreped computer with the bootable media you created earlier.

Note: Please immediately boot your system into WinPE after you run sysprep. Otherwise, new SID information will be created requiring you to repeat all previous steps to remove the SID again should the Windows system be booted without using the bootable media.

4. Please run a full system backup in WinPE after you boot from the bootable media.

5. Run AOMEI Image Deploy to deploy the backup image to different computers.

Please check steps and instructions in the following link:

If there are still any problems, please contact our AOMEI Support Team.

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