How to Start with ManyCam

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manycam boxshot, screenshot

ManyCam is a really cool video streaming software that can help to enhance your video chat experience to a new level. There are very many cool features supported by the software that you can use create professional-looking broadcasts on your favorite platforms like record your screen, add many effects, add music, apply green screen, draw over your video, add multiple webcams to your stream, share your screen, connect your mobile and IP cameras, stream games and many more.

This page include the most basic tips to help newbie starting to use this excellent video switcher app.

  1. ManyCam working scheme
  2. Video Sources
  3. Activate ManyCam
  4. Add a webcam
  5. Before Going Live
  6. ManyCam with a website/application
  7. Connect a mobile device
  8. Apply watermark to streaming video

Info Graphic on how ManyCam works

In Summary, ManyCam let you to do the streaming or recording from various video source streams with or without video & audio effects applied.

Video Sources

Any change that you make to the video source will instant apply to the Main Live Window. This window also shows the real output picture of your stream with all the effects (if selected) applied. And, on all the application where you set ManyCam Virtual Webcam as video source would display the same.

To change the video source, you can simply click on this Main Live window. Video sources are supported by the program including your web cameras, game, IP cameras, your desktop area, media files, YouTube videos, cameras of your mobile devices or some blank images.

manycam getting started 2
Main Live Window

Activate ManyCam

Firstly, make sure that you have latest version of ManyCam downloaded and installed.

Download latest version of ManyCam from Visicom Media Official Download site: download link

Run the ManyCam application on your machine and open ManyCam Account settings by clicking on the Account icon in the lower-right corner.

ManyCam Account Settings

Then, you can log in with your ManyCam Free account.
If you purchased the ManyCam Subscription, please use the account created during the purchase for logging in and activating the subscription features.

Your Subscription is enabled subject to your purchased Subscription plan. You can check the status of the subscription via via Subscriptions page.

2 Users/12 months

Add a Webcam

Via the ManyCam main window, make right-click and select your webcam from the drop-down list. If you want to add multiple webcams/video sources to a single feed, use the Picture-in-Picture mode.

Before Going Live

  1. Check the Selected the video source you want to go live with (see above)
  2. Check the output video resolution: you can select the resolution in the Video settings. We recommend 720p or 1080p for better output video.
  3. Select the FPS rate (recommended 30 FPS)
  4. Check your Audio settings: make sure that you selected a working microphone as an Audio Input and your speakers as a Playback Device
  5. Apply effects if your broadcast requires any (ManyCam effects, Chroma key, Lower third, etc).
Video Resolution settings

Website and 3rd Applications

To use ManyCam with an applications like Skype or with a website-based app like Facebook, you just need to select ManyCam Virtual Webcam as video source in Video settings of that specific app/website.

An example of using ManyCam in Skype

In ManyCam, make sure that you set your native microphone as an Audio Input and your speakers as a Playback Device in ManyCam’s Audio Settings.

In Skype, go to Settings, switch to Audio & Video Settings tab. Select ManyCam Virtual Microphone as default microphone device.

An example of using ManyCam with Facebook

Go to Facebook and start a Live video. Within the Live video settings, select ManyCam Virtual Webcam as a Video source.

Then, hit Go Live to start the Facebook streaming with video from ManyCam.


Connect Mobile Device

ManyCam app is designed to turn your phone into a webcam to help you improve your video calls and create professional-looking live streams.

Apply a Custom Watermark to your streaming

Click on ManyCam main menu, select Settings, General. Click Browse to select and add your custom watermark. Is it recommended that you should use an with transparent background.

Browse for Watermark image

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