How to Share Nook Books with Friends

share books with friendsIf you love reading, you must have already known the pleasure of being able to share enjoyable books with others when you’ve finished them. Here are two simple ways enable you to share Nook books with friends with ease.

When we share Nook books, those books have to be purchased by us. By sharing with each other, we can get more and more eBooks, having a wonderful reading life with Nook readers.

1. Share Nook books by lending to another Nook user. (only 14 days)

1Turn on Nook. Press the “Library” icon on the left-hand side of your screen.

2Press and hold the cover of the book that you want to lend out.


The lendable books will mark as “Lend Me” on the cover. Click it then a menu will pop up. Click “Lend Me” in that menu.

3 Seek in your Nook friends list to send a book to the e-mail addresses of the friends in your contact list.

4Add a personal note and select “Submit” then “Confirm”.

You can lend your books with your facebook ID to your friend’s facebook ID. You can also link your Nook to your Gmail account and import your contacts from Gmail and lend that way.

Note: Just like the paper books, when you lend your books to others, you can’t read them until 14 days later or you get them back.

2. Share Nook books with people reading on iPad/Kindle/other eReaders.

Reading Nook books on iPad, Kindle or other eReaders may be a wonderful experience, but how to share books on nook to others who use different eReaders? Here is the guide.

Note: The principal obstacle for sharing Nook books to other tablets or reading devices is the DRM protection. Books in Barnes & Noble are usually protected by Nook DRM, so before sharing, you have to remove DRM from Nook books.

Step 1, Download Nook books via Nook Windows APP (From microsoft store). This is the only method to download Nook books successfully and only works for Windows 8 & 10 user. For Mac or windows 7, this is no way to download Nook books.

Step 2, Install Epubor Ultimate and run. This is the only product on the market that allows you to remove Nook DRM on the market.

Step 3, Launch Epubor Ultimate, drag Nook books from the left column to the main interface of this tool, your Nook books will be decrypted soon. To find the decrypted Nook books, just click on the output folder icon at the bottom right corner.

remove nook drm

You can also remove Nook DRM protection with Epubor Nook DRM Removal.

How to share

(1) Share with Kindle users
If your books are in PDF format, you only need to transfer them to Kindle devices via USB. If they are in ePub format, you should convert the DRM free ePub books to Kindle format. (Kindle doesn’t support ePub format.)

(2) Share with iPad/iPad Mini/iPhone/iPod Touch users

All the devices listed above are running IOS system, and there is a built-in reading app called iBooks. This app accepts both ePub and PDF books. So you need not convert your decrypted books’ format, just directly load those DRM free Nook books to iTunes and then sync them to your IOS devices.

(3) Share with Sony reader users

For Adobe DRM protected books, you can share them with Sony reader through ADE. How to know if your book is Adobe DRM protected? If you can read it in ADE, this book will be protected by Adobe DRM or DRM free, which means you can directly share it with Sony reader without stripping DRM. Simply copy the Adobe DRM-protected Nook books to Sony reader with the USB cable connected to your computer. However, you will also have to share your Adobe ID & password at the same time as Adoeb DRM-protected books can be merely read on devices authorized with the same Adobe ID.

(4) Share Nook books to other eReaders.
Directly transfer Nook books to other readers via USB, email or other ways you know. Most popular eReaders can read ePub & PDF well.

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