How to Share Kobo eBooks with Friends

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You may have faced the question, like me, after purchasing an eBook from Kobo ebookstore, you do really like it and want to share it with your friends or your family as soon as possible, yes?

But as a matter of fact, unlike Kindle and Nook, Kobo ebookstore hasn’t provided the “Lending out” functions.

So on earth what can we do to share kobo books with our friends?

Don’t worry this is just what I want to write in this article. With the foundation of my several trial, here I introduce you 2 ways to share kobo ebooks with friends.

Method 1: Share Your Kobo Account with Friends

This is the easiest way(but with risk) to share kobo books I think. Just tell your friends your Kobo ID and password.

share kobo books by the same account
Before he or she uses your account, he must sign out his own kobo account and then use the new account you have told him to sign in.

Don’t worry you can still keep on reading your kobo books with your account on your device.

But before you choose this method, you must make sure that the people deserve your trust. Because your account contains a lot of your own information including your credit card or debit card number.

Method 2: Share Kobo ebooks with friends by removing Kobo DRM

To begin with, please take some minutes to view the reasons for this method I recommended.share kobo books by removing drm

-Most Kobo eBooks do use DRM protection which limits us copy or transfer kobo books to other eReaders or other people.

-It’s more safe than sharing your account with another persons.

-We can use the more beautiful and capable iBooks app to read kindle eBooks.

-With this method you can also share ebooks between Kobo and Sony, share kobo books with Kindle, Nook, and even between ipad.

-More and more…

Now follow this method step by step.

Step 1. Install Epubor Ultimate.

Rakuten Kobo books are protected by Kobo KEPUB DRM, which prevents us from sharing our own purchases with our friends or family.

Epubor Ultimate is the tool that helps us get rid of the kobo drm quickly and with high quality.

Step 2. Download Kobo books to computer via Kobo desktop.

Use Kobo desktop to help sync and download your kobo files to computer. Once installed well, log in with your account, sync and download kobo titles to computer.

Those downloaded Kobo kepub files will be saved here:

For Windows: C:Users(user name)AppDataLocalKoboKobo Desktop Editionkepub

For Mac: …/Library/Application Support/Kobo/Kobo Desktop Edition/kepub

Download Kobo for PC Download Kobo for Mac

Note: Don’t download Kobo desktop from app store, download the desktop from kobo official site please.

Step 3. Remove DRM from Kobo books.

Open Epubor Ultimate, from the upper left area, you will see “Kobo” icon. All of the downloaded books are listed under the “Kobo” icon.

kobo books on computer

Then, drag books to the right area, books drm soon be removed quickly. Completed, click on “Decrypted”, the output folder shows.

remove drm from kobo books to share with friends

As soon as you click “Decrypted” icon, you will get your DRM-free kobo books at the output folder.

Tips: If you had a Kobo eReader, things are more easier to go. Connect your device to computer via USB. Once it’s recognized by your computer, the Epubor tool will detect your device too, and list the downloaded books in your device.

kobo dev

For details please read this article How to remove DRM from Kobo books, which teaches us 3 methods to remove drm from Kobo KEPUB files with high quality.

Step 4: Transfer Kobo books to your friends.

Now that we have remove DRM from Kobo books, we can transfer them to friend (mail to them, or via file transfer, similar methods).

In my opinion, one of the great things about reading is finding that you love and sharing them with friends. You know with traditional printed books this is very easy, but, with eBooks most of people don’t know how to share. So here I write all I know about it, and how I wish it can help you, my dears.

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