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How To Read Kindle eBooks on Google Play Books

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kindle ebooks to google play

Practically, Kindle eBooks can be read only with Amazon Kindle devices and Kindle app only. Although Kindle app is available Android device users, Android users likely to choose Google Play Books over the others for eBooks reading.

This tip will give you step-by-step instruction on how to transfer your purchased Kindle eBooks to Google Play Books. And, it would take you only less than 10 minutes to do that with 3 simple steps below:

  1. Download purchased Kindle Books on to Your Computer.
  2. Strip the DRM Off and Make the Conversion
  3. Upload Kindle Books to Google Play Books APP.

1) Download Kindle Books to Your Computer

1.1) Download and install Kindle for PC/Mac

This Kindle app is for downloading and reading your Kindle eBooks with your computer no matter if you have a Kindle device or not. The app also helps to sync all your Kindle eBooks to your computer including eBooks from Kindle eReader, Kindle fire or Kindle for android/iPhone/iPad app, Amazon Kindle store.

Download and install this app officially from Amazon website.

2.3) Sync the Kindle eBooks to your computer

Run the installed Kindle app and sign in with your Amazon account if this is the first time you run this app.

Go to Library and click the Sync button to check for new items once more before you can start downloading the Kindle eBooks.

When all your eBooks are listed in the Library, you can make a double-click on any eBook which you would want to download to your computer.

2) Strip the DRM Off and Make the Conversion

Facts: You do not really own your purchased eBooks from Kindle Store because they are stored in the Amazon Clouds with DRM protection.

All the Kindle eBooks are protected with Kindle DRM that make them unreadable on other devices and apps outside the Amazon Kindle environment.

So, we will need to remove the DRM from the Kindle eBook before we can do further steps to transfer them to Google Play Books.

2.1) Download and Install Ultimate eBook Converter 

Epubor Ultimate is known as one of the best software on the market which can do the DRM removal from almost any eBooks format, excellently.

FREE Download Epubor Ultimate for Windows
FREE Download Epubor Ultimate for Mac

2.2) Load Kindle eBooks and Convert them to ePub format with Epubor Ultimate

You can use Drag and Drop to load the Kindle books to ultimate eBooks converter as follows:

  • Open the folder where downloaded Kindle eBooks were saved to.
    Use this tip if you are not sure where to find it.
  • Drag and drop those Kindle eBooks from the content folder into the Ultimate Converter main interface. 

Otherwise, you can use Epubor Ultimate system for auto-detecting Kindle eBooks stored on your computer.

  • Simply open Epubor Ultimate and select Kindle tab from the left panel.
  • All the Kindle eBooks stored on your computer should be enlisted fully.

When the eBooks are loaded into Epubor Ultimate, the DRM comes with them are decrypted at the same time. Now we convert the Kindle eBooks to either ePub or PDF format so that they can be played on Google Play Books.

Choose the format you want with the button at the bottom and click Convert… to start the conversion.

Convert kfx to epub pdf mobi successfully
Convert kfx to epub pdf mobi successfully

3) Upload Kindle Books to Google Play Books APP from computer

Open Google Play Books Upload and click Upload files from the top-right panel.

When the next window comes up, browse for the converted ePub/PDF and start the upload.

Google also support uploading eBooks from Google Drive.


Once you finished the eBook upload to Google Play Books, you can now find the eBooks via My Books page and read it with your web browser.

For your Android device, the uploaded eBooks are also synced automatically. You just simply tab the Download button to read the Kindle eBooks on Google Play Books app now.

Read Google Play Books

Update: If you have a Kindle eReader, for example, Kindle paperwhite or Kindle Voyage, you can simply connect the eReader to your computer, Ultimate eBook Converter will detect books in your ereader automatically, and you can remove DRM and convert format directly, don’t need to download books to your computer any more.

Useful Apps for DRM Removal and eBook converting

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