How to Read Kindle Books on Nook

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How do we read Kindle books on Nook? That seems to be an odd question. If you have ever heard of Amazon and Barnes&Noble, you will know they are strong competitors in the field of eBooks and both of them not only possess eBook stores but also provide eReaders. So here’s the problem, why do people purchase eReaders from one store and buy books from the other? Obviously, some people prefer to purchase ebooks from Amazon while reading them with Nook eReader instead. And here are 2 methods to read Kindle books on Nook eReaders.

Method 1: Convert Kindle books to Nook.

In order to read Kindle books on Nook eReader, you just need to remove DRM from your Kindle books and convert them to epub files. So you can transfer the epub file to your Nook eReader for reading. And you can follow below guide to convert Kindle books to epub.

1Download Kindle books via an older version Kindle app

If you are using the latest Kindle app, please downgrade them to an older version Kindle App. Or you are not able to remove DRM from Kindle books. You can install 1.24 or below version Kindle for PC/Mac to your computer here.

After downgrading to an older version Kindle app, you can start downloading your Kindle books.

2Install Epubor DRM Removal to your computer

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free


3Convert Kindle books to ePub

Launch Epubor Ultimate, click Kindle tab on the left panel, then all of your Kindle books that are downloaded via older version Kindle app will show up under Kindle tab. Next add Kindle books to the right main window to remove DRM. Lastly, choose ePub as the output format, then click Convert to ePub, and you will get ePub files.

convert drm free books with epubor ultimate

When the conversion complete, you can find your ePub files by clicking Succeeded or the book folder icon on the lower right corner of the screen.


For macOS Catalina users, since 32bit old version Kindle app is not supported on macOS Catalina, please just follow the ultimate way to remove kindle drm on mac catalina.

Method 2: Use free Calibre and its plugins to read Kindle books on Nook.

If your Kindle books are Mobi format, just use Calibre to convert Mobi to EPUB.

Otherwise, you’ll have to install Calibre plugins to remove Kindle DRM. Here is how to use Calibre DeDRM plugins.


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