ibooks reader for Kindle

How to Read iBooks on Kindle

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Kindle eReader is one of the most favorite devices that people choose for reading eBooks because of its eye-friendly screen and gigantic Amazon eBookStore.

The problem is Kindle supports only eBooks in AZW format, ignores the popular ePub format.

This tip will guide you how to remove the DRM from your purchased ePub eBooks and transfer them to Kindle device for reading.

ibooks reader for Kindle

There are only a few programs that support removing DRM from iBooks, neither does Epubor Ultimate.

So, first of all, please use this tool to strip the DRM form your purchased iBooks. Then you can continue with the below 2-step guide to transfer and read your iBook on Kindle device.

To locate your purchased iBooks, please look for iTunes Library folder. Usually it has default path like “X:\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books.

Find your purchased iBooks

1/2 – Convert ePub to Mobi

Open Epubor eBook Converter, click Add to import the DRM-free ePub, which we got from the FIRST step, to this tool.

You can also let the program add your ePub files automatically by clicking on Settings icon and locate the favorite eBook folder path. Once the program finds your ePub files, it will enlist them as you can see below.

If you do not have eBook Converter, you can download and installation Epubor eBook Converter from here.

Download and install Epubor eBooks Converter (Windows/Mac)

Click on the Down arrow icon that lays next to Convert To… button and select Mobi or AZW3. Then, hit Convert to… button to start the ePub to MOBI/AZW3 conversion.

2/2 – Transfer iBooks to Kindle

Since we got through the above steps, it is now very simple to add iBook to Kindle devices. Below we would present to you 3 way to do that:

Using USB Cable

Connect Kindle to PC with USB cable so that your computer will detect the Kindle as a Removable Disc.

Then, copy & paste MOBI files from the removable disc to the Document folder.

Using Kindle E-Mail

Your Kindle device would always find and load eBooks from your Kindle e-mail address automatically as soon as it can access to WIFI.

So, all you need to do is to send the converted iBooks to your Kindle e-mail address by using Send-to-Kindle e-mail address in Amazon.com—Manage your Kindle

ibooks drm removal

Using Send to Kindle for PC app

This method will help you to transfer your converted iBooks (DRM removed iBooks) to Kindle with another safe-to-use appSend to Kindle for PC from Amazon.

As soon as you download and install Send to Kindle for PC on your computer, it will add a command called Send to Kindle to your context menu.

Now you can simple make a right-click on the MOBI/AZW3 ebooks, select Send to Kindle option, choose it then send the books to your Kindle.

ibooks drm removal

More tips on using Epubor software and eBooks converter

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