How to Print ACSM File

E-readers have allowed people to read huge numbers of ebooks on them. You can carry only an e-reader and read lots of ebooks on them without having to carry your heavy paper books. That is really convenient. But sometimes you still have the need to print your file out. You may need to print ascm file if your acsm file is a cookbook. Imagine that you are cooking in the kitchen, it’s inconvenient for you to operate the e-reader device if you want to refer to your recipe. On the contrary, if you print the acsm recipe out, you can easily have a look at it while cooking.

Apart from this, you may also miss the ink smell of paper books or want to read paper books simply for the health of your eyes after staring on the e-reader screen to read ebooks for a long time.

If you haven’t figured out how to print your ascm file out, you can now follow me to get the method.

print acsm file

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Firstly, open ACSM file and download it

As you know, acsm file is not an actual ebook but its function is strictly limited to e-books. You usually receive this acsm file after you purchase ebook from many online stores. Since it is used by Adobe to protect its digital rights management, it can’t be opened directly unless you apply Adobe Digital Editions. Here are the detailed steps for opening acsm file in ADE and downloading it.

Step 1: Download Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) and install it.

Step 2: Authorize your Adobe ID

If it’s the first time you used ADE, you will see a dialogue box to require you to enter your Adobe ID to authorize your present computer. Or you can create an Adobe account to register if you haven’t got an Adobe ID.

After you input your Adobe ID and password, tag “Authorize” to activate it.

authorize your Adobe ID

Step 3: Open acsm file with ADE and download it

Find the acsm file in your computer and double click it. Then it will be opened with Adobe Digital Editions by default. If it comes out with another software, you can choose to open it with ADE by clicking the right mouse to select the open mode.

After this, it will start to download the actual ebook automatically. The actual ebook you finally get is EPUB or PDF format.

Secondly, convert ACSM to pdf

After the downloading step finished, your epub or pdf file will be automatically saved in your computer. Since you want to print your acsm out, I advise you to convert it to pdf if you have got epub file. Because epub format owns the effect of re-flow while pdf is fixed format.

To make clear the file you have downloaded is epub or pdf, you need to find your downloaded file in your computer first.

For Windows: … My Documents (Documents) My Digital Editions…

For Mac: Users Your computer name Digital Editions…

Now you open your PDF or epub with Adobe Digital Editions and try to print it. You’ll find the print option is greyed out as below picture. What’s wrong?

print option is greyed out

Importance Notice: Although you have downloaded .acsm file to pdf or epub, you are not allowed to print the pdf, or epub files because they are protect by adobe DRM. That’s the real reason that your books are not printable. You can check whether your pdf or epub is printable or not by right clicking the book cover>>Item info.

print not allowed

Therefore, we have two steps before printing your acsm file. That is removing adobe DRM and convert epub to pdf. You can skip the conversion step if your original file is in pdf format.

Here you’ll need the best DRM Removal and Epub to PDF Converter– Epubor Ultimate to help you. The operating procedure is quite easy.

Step 1: Install Epubor Ultimate Converter and run it.

Download the tool for free:

Step 2: Click “Adobe” tab in the left column, you’ll see all your downloaded adobe files. Just drag and drop them to the right column, DRM will be Removed successfully.

Step 3: Select “PDF” as the output format and simply hit “Convert to pdf” button on the central buttom and within a few seconds the conversion will be finished.

convert acsm to pdf

Tips: How to Convert ACSM to PDF Free

Lastly, print ACSM file

Once you have convert the adobe epub and pdf to DRM-free pdf files, just click on “Output folder” icon to find all your converted pdf files. Then open the DRM-free pdf to Adobe Digital Editions and click “File” at the top menu bar>>Print>>the windows with print option will pop up. This time, you just choose the pages and copies you want and print acsm file.

print acsm file

Easy like a charm right? If you have any doubt during this process, please feel free to contact the livechat in the bottom right corner of this webpage to get the instant asisstance.

Download Ultimate Converter for free:


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