How to integrate CrakRevenue into Nifty Stats

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What is Nifty Stats?

Nifty Stats is known as one of the most useful desktop utility for downloading the stats from your affiliate programs, affiliates networks, advertising networks automatically and regularly (following an interval preset).

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CrakRevenue CPA network is a complex tracking system itself. By integrating Nifty Stats and CrakRevenue API you can track and monitor complete CrakRevenue statistics in a way and in graphic style that you like best.

To do this, you will need to make two necessary steps as follows:

  1. Obtain CrakRevenue API key
  2. Integrate CrakRevenue into Nifty Stats using the obtained API

How to obtain CrakRevenue API key?

While the are fews ways to obtain the API key from CrakRevenue officially, contacting live support directly is fastest and easiest way. So, all you need to do for this step is going to the CrakRevenue page and ring the support for your API key.

Integrate CrakRevenue into Nifty Stats

When you get the API key from CrakRevenue support guy, you can now proceed to add CrakRevenue to Nifty.

Go to Snifty Stats, hit Affiliate Program and select Add Program in the top menu.

Find CrakRevenue in the affiliate program database

Submit your API key to the program and select the starting date from when you want Nifty Stats to load your statistics.

You can also select the download type according to what information you want to track. For example, you may choose Offers and Sub ID and Sources and any type as you wish.

Choose to track statistics by yourself

Choose to track statistics by yourself

If you want details on the selected type, you can go to the Product Tools section of the CrakRevenue page for more information.

Choose to track statistics by yourself

Statistics in various types of graphs

Graphical statistic give you better experiencing and comforting

Under CrakRevenue Offers, the names of the individual live cams, adult games, and other programs you promote are displayed. By organizing these data, you can always get better overview of clicks, earnings, etc.

SubIds, Offers, Sources and all selected types from the above steps are displayed in one window

Double check and set up payouts

The statistics may take from a few seconds to minutes depending on the date range you have selected to loaded. So, please be patient and let Nifty Stats do its job.

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