How To Hide Your Identity As Joining Mnogochat Public Webcam Chat Room

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MnogoChat is a site with large collection of popular video chats from all over the world. People join in the site to find fun and pure entertainment. So, it would be a bit more fun for anyone when they are able to hide their identity under anyone else’s and even to stream the same pre-recorded videos again and again. I know that would sound a little bit confused but that’s exactly what the AV Webcam Morpher program could do.

AV Webcam Morpher on

AV Webcam Morpher helps to hide identity on public webcam chat rooms…


  • With AV Webcam Morpher program, you don’t really need a real webcam (hardware device) for your showtime. The main feature of this program is to work as a virtual webcam device that streams pre-recorded video clips instead of images from real webcam.
  • If you buy PRO version of the program, you are able to access and download premium models packs from Premium member zone of Audio4fun website.
    • FREE models list


      Using FREE version of Webcam Morpher will only able to install few free models nickfaces

    • PREMIUM models list

      screenshot of AV Webcam Morpher's premium models list

      Buy PRO version of AV Webcam Morpher to access the premium models list

  • This tutorial is demonstrated on Webcam Morpher PRO and premium models’ nickfaces.
  • You may download and try Webcam Morpher FREE and free models’ nickfaces when trying this tutorial.
  • The program also allows to create a models or nickfaces of your own and with any of your pre-recorded video, but how to do that will be in another entry.

Here’s how:

Step 1/2:  Prepare a nickfaces by installing your favorite model pack

  1. After downloading the models pack (mostly in executable format .EXE), double click to execute the file and install the model pack.
  2. If the installation go through, the new installed model will appear in the list (2). If it does not, check and make sure that you installed the right models pack for the right Webcam Morpher version. This means, free model packs cannot work with PRO version of Webcam Morpher and vise versa.
  3. Also make sure that the Preview (1) is on for quickly and easily checking on the installed models.**For most models who come with blue/green background, you are able to apply the background changer feature, but not for the ready-to-use Helen model. You will not able to apply background changer for her, do not try and waste your time.
screenshot of av webcam morpher's models list

After installing, the new nickfaces will appear in nickface list…


Step 2/2: Config Mnogochat video settings

  1.  Go to Mnogochat site, log in your account and select a favorite video chat category from the left menu.

    screenshot of mnogochat site

    join in any chat room to to check how AV Webcam Morpher works…

  2. Turn on the Camera feature

    screenshot of turning on camera in Mnogochat

    AV Webcam Morpher will streams the video to the camera…

  3. The Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog pops up » Click Allow button (2) to grant the service access to your camera and microphone.

    screenshot of allow flash to access camera and microphone on mnogochat site

    AV Webcam Morpher streams videos through flash player…

  4. Then, still on the Player Settings dialog, switch to Camera tab and select AV Webcam Capture as the camera input (3).

    screenshot of selecting av virtual webcam device for mnogochat

    Select AV Webcam Morpher’s virtual video capture device as camera device…

  5. Close the settings window and back to the chat screens. Now, you’re your showtime for fun and pure entertainment go live!

    screenshot of completed integrating webcam morpher and mnogo chat

    Setup completed! AV Webcam Morpher now work with Mnogochat



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