How to Fix Kobo Glo Frozen by Yourself

fix Kobo glo frozen

If you are an eBook lover and also a Kobo fan, I guess you may have got a Kobo eReader, such as a Kobo glo at hand. You purchase or download eBooks online and have read them via your Kobo glo for a long time. But one day, when you are happily viewing one of your favorite eBooks, your Kobo glo suddenly stops responding and the Kobo screen frozen. No matter what you did on it, such as finger touched, finger swipe or button presses, nothing happed. You cannot access any function of your Kobo eReader, turn to a new page or view the home screen, etc.

What’s the matter? Why does my Kobo keep freezing? What to do when Kobo glo freezes? If you are reading this article, you may find the effective solutions. Here I’m exactly going to talk about how to fix Kobo glo frozen, this may also work for Kobo Aura, Kobo Mini or Kobo Touch frozen.

How to fix Kobo glo frozen

It’s really annoy that our Kobo eReader frozen, locked up or unresponsive unexpectedly when we are happily reading eBook via it. But don’t worry, we can usually find the conventional solutions. If your Kobo glo is not working correctly, maybe you can try the steps below for Kobo troubleshooting. As long as your Kobo eReader begins working, you can stop going through the next step.


1. Try to charge your Kobo eReader

Connect your Kobo eReader to computer with USB to see if you can see the “charge” symbol in the battery icon. If not, please change a USB to retry. If your Kobo eReader responds, your Kobo may be low on battery power and need to be charged.

2. Try to forced shutdown

Your Kobo glo can be charged, but it’s still not responsive? If so, now we can try another alternative method: forced shutdown.

Please try to slide the power switch to power off and hold for 10-15 seconds, then your eReader may be forced shutdown. Next, turn on it, slide the power switch to the right again, hold it. Then release the power switch until you see the green/blue light near the switch lights up. Your Kobo eReader should work again.

3. Basic reset

If none of the 2 steps mentioned above works, we can try a basic reset for our Kobo eReader. Usually a basic reset will force your reader to start properly. Here we need a paperclip of similar “tool” to help us. First of all, please get the paperclip ready, find the reset hole on Kobo glo, it’s on the bottom edge of this eReader to the left of USB port. Second, slide the paperclip into the reset hole until you hear or feel it click. ?Then your Kobo eReader should restart and work correctly.

4. Factory reset

If perform a basic reset still doesn’t work, please try to have a factory reset to return your Kobo glo to original factory settings.

To implement a factory reset, you may:

  1. ERasing all the eBooks on your Kobo eReader.
  2. Lose the bookmarks, highlights and annotations you made in the eBooks.
  3. Reset all of your settings and back it to your original factory settings.

How to perform a factory reset? If you can get to the Home Screen, please follow the steps below to return your Kobo glo to factory settings.

  1. Go to the Home Screen and tap the Menu icon on the top right corner.
  2. Click “Settings”.
  3. Tap “Devices Information”.
  4. Hit “Factory Reset” under Advanced.
  5. Tap “Reset Now”.

But if there is no access to Home Screen, how can we implement the factory reset? For Kobo glo, we can perform a manual reset.

  1. Slide the power button to the right and hold it for 15 seconds to be sure the device is off.
  2. Hold down the Light button, at the same time, slide the power button to the right for several times to turn on Kobo eReader.
  3. Continue holding the Light button and wait until the power light blinks rapidly.
  4. Release the light button, then you may see the Restoring message on screen.

Note: After factory reset, you may need to set your Kobo glo up again. For deleted Kobo files you purchased from Kobo eBook store, you can redownload them from Kobo cloud with account connected.

Hope these steps can really help you and make your Kobo work. What if it still doesn’t work after we have tried these steps? Maybe you can contact Kobo customer service for help. Anyway, hope you can enjoy your eBooks with Kobo glo again.


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