How to Export Kindle Notes and Highlights

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Kindle is one of the greatest invention of the 21 st century. There are so many incomparable benefits of reading books with Kindle. For example, this portable device takes all of your favorite books with you, so you can read your books anytime and anywhere you want. And it’s more environmental friendly comparing with the traditional physical books. Besides this, Kindle device as well as Kindle application allow you to make notes and highlight important content like any physical book. However, what’s more cooler about Kindle is that you can export your Kindle notes and highlights. So in this post we are mainly going to discuss how to export Kindle notes and highlights.

How to Export Kindle Notes and Highlights to Evernote

Evernote is an app designed for note taking, organizing, tasks lists, and archiving. It supports for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and macOS. It’s like our second brain. We save all our important stuff there. Not only that, all this information can be managed in such a clever way – there really is no excuse for us to ever be disorganized again. So it should come as no surprise, that many people are a big fan of exporting all kindle highlights and notes to Evernote.

Tool 1: Evernote Web Clipper

Thanks to Amazon’s e-reader hardware and the apps it makes for other gadgets, its Kindle e-books can be read on numerous devices. And the highlights and notes you make in your Kindle books, no matter which screen you have been using, are all synchronized over the Internet — and you can see all those annotations online Amazon Kindle page. On the Your Highlights page, you can add, edit or delete notes to your books, copy and paste the text, and print the list from your web browser.

So if you want to export Kindle notes and highlights from the website to Evernote application, you also need to install the Evernote Web Clipper to your computer. Next, all you need to do is select all the notes and highlights of one book, then click the icon of Evernote Web Clipper to clip the content to Evernote application.

amazon kindle page

Tool 2: Klib

Klib is a new way to manage highlights and notes for Kindle & iBooks. As a great clippings manger, Klib could help you gain more from reading. Every time you starts Klib, Klib will automatically import highlights from Amazon, and then export to Evernote. Your highlights will be safe and accessible everywhere via Evernote.

1. How to import from kindle

Click the menu File>Import from Kindle… in Klib after connecting your Kindle to your Mac via USB. Then choose the Kindle folder in the pop up dialog and start Import.

Tips: You only need to import manually the first time. Later Klib will automatically import your notes the next time when your Kindle connects.

2. How to export to Evernote

Click the menu item File > Export to Evernote… in Klib. And you need to authorize when exporting for the first time. Later, Klib will automatically export to Evernote on startup or when importing new notes.

export to evernote by klib

Tips: A new Klib notebook will be created in Evernote. And Klib also creates the tags Klib, Book, Read Book for content exported into Evernote.

Tool 3: is a website which offers an easy way to organize your Kindle notes and highlights as well as help you export it. Follow the below steps to export kindle notes and highlights to Evernote.

1. You will need both an Evernote and account. Both are very simple to set up and are free.

2. In your homepage, go to Account settings page to configure Evernote. You will be asked to sign in with your Evernote details to authorize

clippings account setting page

3. From your homepage, click on Import in the top-left corner after connecting Kindle to your computer. Then select the kindle book which you want to export the notes and highlights.

select kindle title to export notes

4. Click on Evernote after you select Export. Here, you get another opportunity to change your Evernote settings, such as the inclusion of notes and tags. Next click Start Export. When the export is finished, a link will appear which allows you to view your highlights and notes in Evernote.

clippings export evernote

How to Export Kindle Notes and Highlights as a File

Besides exporting kindle notes and highlights to Evernote, there are several tools that can help you export kindle notes and highlights as an independent .txt file which allows you to edit the content. Of course, you can also copy and paste the kindle notes and highlights from the .txt file to Evernote.

Tool 1: KindleMate

Kindle Mate is a neat and efficient tool with rich features designed to sync, organize, import & export Kindle clippings (Kindle highlights and notes) and Kindle Vocabulary Builder words on computer. Just connecting Kindle to your computer, Kindle Mate can auto-sync, import Kindle highlights, notes and vocabulary words, and the synced content will be organized by author, title, words learning status, lookup frequency.

If you want to export notes and highlights of one Kindle book, you can right-click the book title and select Export to File.

kindle mate export to file

Tool 2: Epubor KClippings

Epubor Kindle highlight & note manager–Epubor Kclippings allows all notes and highlights saved in your Kindle device can be exported, edited, formated and published as an eBook. What’s more, this is a total free software.

First, download Epubor Kclippings to your computer. Then import My clippings.txt file from your Kindle eReader to Epubor Kclippings by clicking “K” icon in the left sidebar. You need to click OK in the pop up window. Then all of your Kindle books with notes and highlights will be displayed under Book column.

import my clippings file

Next select one book title which you want to export its notes and highlights, then click the export icon in the left toolbar and choose the output format as you like.

export kindle highlight and notes as ebooks

Last but not the least, don‘t forget to set up the file path which your exported kindle notes will be saved.

set up exported file path

Download Epubor Kclippings for free

Tip: How to Remove Kindle DRM

Kindle DRM locks you entirely in Amazon ecosystem, which means that you are only allowed to read your purchased Kindle books with Kindle app for PC/Mac/Android/iOS, Kindle e-ink reader and Kindle Fire tablet. It’s a huge disaster that you can’t back up your purchased Kindle books, let alone share the books with your loved ones without restraints. So it’s highly necessary to show you how to remove Kindle DRM if you are interested in taking full control of your Kindle books.

convert kindle to pdf 02


Kindle is the treasure trove full of amazing books, filled with all the important highlights and notes you have made with them. So if you are a big fan of exporting all kindle highlights and notes to your computer or to Evernote where can keep these precious memory vividly with time passing by, then the above tools can do you a big favor.

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