How to Create Simple Flash-based Quizzes and Surveys In Minutes

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With Wondershare QuizCreator, you can easily make simple Flash-based quizzes and surveys in minutes. Please follow the steps below and enjoy your quiz creation.

Wondershare QuizCreator for Windows's creenshot

Wondershare QuizCreator for Windows helps to create flash-based quizzes and survey quickly and easily…

Step 1/4 – Create Questions

Define questions types in QuizCreator as Multiple Choice by selecting Multiple Choice in the New Question list

screenshot of QuizCreator - Step 1/4 Define Question Type

create simple flash-based quiz with QuizCreator – Step 1/4 Define Question Type

** The following question types  for quiz and survey are available in QuizCreator. For this page, we will work on Multiple Choice as an example.

  • Question types for creating a quiz
    True or False, Multiple Choice (Single Answer), Multiple Response (Multiple Answers), Fill in the Blank, Matching, Sequence, Word Bank, Click Map, Short Essay
  • Question types for creating a survey
    Likert Scale, Yes/No, Pick One, Pick Many, Shot Answer, Matching, Ranking, Which Word, and Essay

Create a Multiple Choice questions

Within the Question Editing window, enter your sample question and choices for answers.

screenshot of Question Editing window - Wondershare QuizCreator

Enter a sample question and sample choices for answer…

Add a feedback session

This is to provide some interactive feedback to quiz takers when they take part in the quiz.

screenshot of Step 1/4 Add feedback session

add a feedback session to interact with quiz taker by selecting feedback type from the drop-down list in the Feedback group

A feedback message can be set by either question or answer.

  • None: No feedback to the quiz taker after the answer is submitted.
  • By Question: The feedback is based on whether the question is answered correct or not.
  • By Answer: The feedback is based on the single choice of the answers. If quiz takers select different choices they should get different feedback.
screenshot of Feedback Settings of Wondershare QuizCreator

Question Feedback pane – click More button will enable ability to insert pictures/ equations/audio files

Step 2/4 – Define Properties

Wondershare QuizCreator includes powerful and flexible settings e.g, instruction page, passing rate, font and feedback that can be set for the whole quiz. In addition to that, the questions can also be set to display randomly, to be protected with password or to be limited to domain hosting.

screenshot of wondershare quizcreator - create a simple quiz - define properties for quiz

The properties such as passing rate, points, time limit… can be set to the questions

Step 3/4 – Select Player Template

Go to Player Template and pick any one that suits your quiz topic. These templates (player & color themes) are categorized into popular genres like general, training, education, fun, etc. And, the templates can also be customized and personalized on background, toolbar, player size, label and layout.

screenshot of built-in player templates library in Wondershare QuizCreator

There are plenty of delicate player templates included in this quiz maker program – Wondershare QuizCreator


Step 4/4 – Publishing

If you are satisfied with your quiz/survey, you can now start the publishing step.

  • Publish quizzes to QuizCreator Online. And the questions can also be uploaded to the online Question Pool comes with QuizCreator Online for generating quizzes online. QuizCreator Online will collect the results and generate detailed reports for the quizzes.
  • Upload the published Flash quizzes to Web. In this way, you can collect results with a specified email.
  • Generate SCORM quiz package for LMS. Integrate SCORM/AICC quiz package with any LMS like Moodle, BlackBoard, SharePoint or WebCT (Not available for QuizCreator Free).
  • Produce a stand-alone EXE for CD delivery.
  • Export as Word or Excel file for paper-based testing.
screenshot of wondershare quizcreator - publish the quiz/survey

QuizCreator allow publishing your surveys/quizzes to different type…

Good Luck!

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