How to create beautiful slideshows from your photos and music with Movavi Video Suite

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Movavi Video Suite is an All-In-One software program that can handle almost any type of multimedia processing tasks, such as editing audio/video, recording footage from your PC screens or other devices, converting video and audio, capturing video chat sessions or any online videos, creating stunning slideshows, etc.

Within this tutorial, we’d like to introduce you on how to create beautiful slideshow from your photos and music with Movavi Video Suite – Video Editor feature of the program. 

Here’s how:

Step 1/5 – Launch Movavi Video Editor

  • Launch Movavi Video Suite and select Video tab
  • Within Video tab, click Edit video to open Movavi Video Editor
movavi video suite 15 - main panel

Step 2/5 – Define slideshow (video) properties

If this is the first time you run the program, there should be a popup (1) like below asking for video’s aspect ratio selectionIf you are not sure what to do, it’s recommended that you should leave all those default settings as they are.

  • Hit OK button to continue.
movavi video suite - slideshow - aspect ratio selection
movavi video suite - slideshow - aspect ratio selection- advanced

Aspect ratio (2) – According to Wik, in still camera photography, the most common aspect ratios are 4:3, 3:2, and more recently being found in consumer cameras 16:9.
So, 16:9, which is default aspect ratio suggested by Movavi Video Editor, would be fit for most display devices.
Advanced settings (3) – brings you more options to control the desired display of output slideshows or videos.

Open recent (4) – select this option to explore your aspect ratio selections history so far. You may find your favorite selection within this option if your have had done this before.

Step 3/5 – Import your photos and music

  • Within the Import section, click Add Media Files and add the image files want to add to the slideshow. Or explore File, select Add Media File.
movavi video suite - slideshow - import media files
  • After loading photos into your slideshow project, the working space of the program should look like below; with Storyboard, Timeline toolbar, etc.

    You can drag image files from the Media tab and drop them into the Storyboard panel to add more images to your slideshow video

movavi video suite - slideshow - storyboard
  • Click on Photos transition icon to quickly apply a certain transitional effect for all photos in the project at the same time.
movavi video suite - slideshow - add transitional effect
  • To manually apply different transitional effects for certain photos in the project you can do as follows:
    • Go to Fade tab (1)
    • Select a favorite transition (2)
    • Drag & drop it into The between (3) of 2 photos.

Do the above actions over again for each pair of photo you would like have your favorite transition applied.

movavi video suite - slideshow - add transitional effect manually

Step 4/5 – Define slideshow (video) duration

  • Select any photo from the Storyboard panel.
    Note: This is a must to before you can edit the photo’s duration
  • Click Adjust properties of selected slide icons (2) to adjust the duration (3)  as you wish.
movavi video suite - slideshow - slideshow duration

Step 5/5 – Export your slideshow video

Before exporting your slideshow video, you can preview your output display by using the Play button under the Preview Area.

If like the previewed output, you can now hit the Export button to start rendering your slideshow.

movavi video suite - slideshow - preview

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