How to Convert PDF to Mobi Format for Friendly Reading on Kindle

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When you purchase an eBook from Sony, Kobo, Google ebookstore etc, you will find they are either ePub or PDF format.

Certainly both ePub and PDF files are supported by almost any devices and platforms. But if you were a Kindle user or an eBooks lover, you will find there is a fatal problem that we couldn’t open these books with Kindle tablets and e-ink eReaders while Kindle devices have a large market share in eReaders. So it’s really a pity for us eBook lovers.pdf to mobi

But where there is a will there is a way. Here I’m glad to tell you that I have found the solution with countless trial and I believe it’s the simplest way to read PDF books on Kindle.

For how to convert ePub to Kindle, you can refer to how to read ePub on Kindle.

Here the article I write is about how to convert PDF to Kindle mobi format.

2 problems we have to face with: the DRM and the format

Before I introduce the method, I think it would be better to tell you the reason why we couldn’t open PDF books with Kindle directly.

DRM limitation: in fact, almost all the PDF eBooks purchased from Kobo, Sony, Google ebookstore and even a part of barnes & noble books are protected by Adobe DRM, which makes it impossible to read these books on Kindle devices.

Format limitation: most of the eReaders (Kobo Vox, Sony Reader, Nexus 7, Nook, etc.) support the format of EPUB and PDF. Nevertheless, Kindle devices such as Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Paperwhite 3G don’t support these formats, but support AZW3, AZW, MOBI, PRC and TPZ formats among which mobi is the native format.

So if you intend to read PDF books on Kindle, you will have to know the method to remove Adobe DRM on PDF books and to convert the PDF books to Kindle mobi format.

Here is the guide. Only by 3 steps you will get your pdf files converted to mobi to be read on Kindle successfully.

Step1: Remove Adobe DRM from PDF books

Before removing the DRM protection from PDF books, you have to download and install Adobe Digital Editions, and authorize your ADE with your Adobe ID. And them please ensure that you can open your PDF books and read them on ADE without any problems.

For details:

After you have ensured you can read your PDF books on ADE, now you should remove the Adobe DRM from PDF. Maybe convert pdf to mobi calibre is used among parts of people, but I have to tell you the truth that it can’t support the DRMed books while a lot of PDF books are DRM protected. The best pdf to mobi converter Ultimate Converter is strongly recommended because it’s not only the best ebook converter software but also the best DRM removal software.

Download and install Ultimate Converter for Adobe DRM protected PDF books.

Run the software, and then as soon as you drag and drop your pdf books from the right side library, the Adobe DRM on these PDF books will be decrypted automaticly.

remove the drm from pdf books

Step 2: Convert DRM-free pdf books to mobi format

Now you have got your pdf books no DRM limitation with the Ultimate Converter. Go on with the software, please select output format as mobi at the lower left conner. Then click the “Convert” button, all the pdf books will be converted to Kindle mobi format you need.

convert pdf to mobi format

Step3: Transfer your mobi books to Kindle

After the conversion, the converted mobi books will be shown in the pop-up window. All you have to do now is to just choose a simple way to send converted PDF to Kindle.

Now you have completed converting PDF2Kindle mobi format. Just enjoy it.


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