How to Convert Kindle Topaz eBooks to PDF using Epubor Ultimate

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Topaz (.TPZ) format is one of the Amazon formats for Kindle devices. Despite that both TPZ and AZW use the PalOS container format and Amazon DRM, TPZ file is very different from the AZW format.

The TPZ is designed to allow fonts embedding for more complex display on Amazon Kindle. The common restrictions like image size limitation facing with MOBI format are removed from TPZ, too.

In this page, we guide you on how to remove the DRM from your purchased TPZ books and convert them into PDF format for reading on non-Kindle devices using Epubor Ultimate.

  1. Download, install and authorize Kindle for PC
  2. Load and check your purchased eBooks with Kindle for PC
  3. Remove DRM from Kindle eBooks (Topaz, .TPZ, .AZW1)

1/3 – Kindle for PC – Download, Installation and Authorization

Download & install Kindle for PC.

Run Kindle for PC.

Authorize Kindle for PC app by logging in with your Amazon Kindle account.

Go to Tools from top menu of Kindle for PC interface, select Sync and Check for New Items (F5)

2/3 – Load Kindle eBooks

Select any of your purchased eBooks that have been synced with Kindle for PC app to check if it is downloaded and readable already.

3/3 – Remove DRM from Kindle eBooks

Run Epubor Ultimate.

At the very first screen of the app, you may see all your downloaded Kindle eBooks within the left panel including TOPAZ, TPZ, AZW1 file formats.

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Click Convert to… button at the bottom of the program interface and select PDF format.

Then, simple drag the eBooks from the left panel and drop them into the right panel and hit Convert to PDF button.

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