How to Convert DRM AZW to EPUB

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convert drm azw to epubAmazon sells DRM protected .AZW ebooks which can be read exclusively on kindle or kindle software on PCs or iPhones. If you want to read drm azw files on other devices, such as, Sony, Kobo, ibooks, Nook, Nexus, etc, then you have to remove drm and convert the file format into epub or pdf (they are supported by non-kindle devices). This article will show you how to convert drm azw to epub. You can also have a good look at this article Best AZW Converter to Convert AZW to PDF if you want to read Kindle with pdf format.

When you are looking for solutions to convert drm protected azw to epub, maybe you have found out the free software calibre can help you to solve your problem. But actually, you may encounter problems and receive such website information “Your books are DRM protected” after long-time operating. Compared to this software, our Ultimate converter will solve your problems within seconds. Now I will make a brief comparison between these two softwares.

Calibre VS Ultimate Converter


Calibre supports many file formats and reading devices, but for commercially purchased e-books, you need to remove DRM restrictions. It doesn’t naturally support DRM removal, but may allow DRM removal with the installation of plug-ins.

Ultimate converter can help you decrypt and convert books purchased from mainstream online stores like Nook, Sony, Kobo, Lulu, Google play, Smashwords, ect. Just with this one tool, you can convert your drm protected azw to epub without installing other plug-ins.

2Time and Efficiency

I find in some forums users of calibre say that they have acted according to the given steps but still failed to convert their books after long-time operating and couldn’t figure out the reasons. It’s so complicated for them. However, if you use our ultimate converter, you will find it quite time-saving and easy for operating because all you have to do is just to add your files into this software and click “convert” button and it will help you decrypt and convert books within seconds.

Steps for you to convert drm azw to epub

Before I show you how to convert drm proteced azw to epub, please install ultimate converter first. You can have a free try.

Step 1: Remove DRM from .azw files

1. After you get your books in your Amazon content, launch kindle for pc in your computer. (If you haven’t got one, install it first.) Then all your Amazon books will sync to it automatically. Click on the books to download them.

sync books to kindle for pc

2. Launch Ultimate Converter. Follow the instructions to drag your .azw files into the left main window or click “Add” button on the top left corner to choose your files.


3. As soon as you drag or add your drm azw books to the left main window, they will be automatically decrypted within seconds. At the same time, you will find your azw books have changed into azw3 or mobi. Generally, drm azw files will turn into azw3 or mobi files if drm removed.

decrypt drm azw books

Step 2: Convert azw3 or mobi books to epub

After getting your drm-free azw3 or mobi books ready, select “ePUB” as the output format on the left bottom corner. And the next you should do is just to click the “Convert” button on the right bottom corner. The converted books will show the state of “succeeded”.


Once the files have been converted to EPUB successfully, the output folder will pop up automatically. You can see all your converted EPUB books.

If you just want to convert DRMed ebooks freeware, you can convert drm azw to epub calibre.

Download the tool for free:


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