How to Convert Any eBook to An Audiobook

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I read a lot of articles and ebooks every day, but sometimes, I prefer listening to them instead. And I always prefer Audiobooks over physical ones, since they are faster, put less strain on the eyes; and most importantly, unlike reading, you can listen to audiobooks anywhere you want, like while cooking or during the commute, etc. However, many books don’t have an audio version yet. So there is a new workaround I found. Now I convert ebooks to Audiobooks using a text-to-speech tool. And here’s the guide about how to turn any ebook into an audiobook on Mac/Windows/Android/iOS.

1. How to turn ebook into an audiobook on Mac

Every Mac computers come with a built-in TTS (text to speech), which you can use to read out any text and epub book on your screen. Simply select the text > Right-click > More > Start Speaking.

speech on mac

2. How to turn ebook into an audiobook on Windows

Windows do not have inbuilt TTS like MAC, so you will have to download a third-party TTS app. Natural reader is one of the best text-to-speech web application with high quality premium voices out there. It’s available for both MAC and PC, and has all the useful features you’ll ever need — like it’s compatible with any written text such as MS Word, PDF files, non-DRM epub eBooks, or webpages and convert them into natural sounding speech.

natural reader1

3. How to turn ebook into an audiobook on iOS Devices

Like Mac, iOS also has the TTS built-in. But you have to enable it first. To do that, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. Here, you’ll see two options — Speak Selection and Speak Screen. The first one will speak the highlighted text and the second one will read whatever is on the screen.

speech on ios

Once enabled, select text on any app on your iOS device and then tap on speak option.

speak selection

4. How to turn ebook into an audiobook on Android Devices

Like iOS, Android also an inbuilt TTS, but it only works if the apps have this feature integrated. Like in Google Books, you can use the TTS. However, you can not select text and make it speak out like we did in iOS. But, there is a simple solution. I found a good text-to-speech app after trying a handful of them, I finally went with Voice Aloud Reader. Some of its unique features are –

• Support almost every text format, like — Open Text, PDF, DOC, RTF, HTML, EPUB ebooks.

• More natural voice compared to others TTS apps I tried.

• Listen to the spoken articles or record it as Wav file.

Note: For more recommendations, you can read this article—Best 8 Text to Speech Apps for Android.

voice aloud reader

How to Make ebooks Compatible with the above Tools?

You may notice that not all ebooks are supported by the above tools. So we must make sure that the uploaded file is DRM free and its format is compatible with the tool. Luckily, if your books are purchased from those mainstream book stores, like Amazon/Kobo/Nook/Google Play Book, etc, and their books usually come with DRM protection, there’s one powerful eBook DRM Removal as well as eBook Converter you should know – Epubor Ultimate. If you want to know how to use this software to get rid of DRM, you can read this guide about how to decrypt Kindle/Kobo/Nook/Google Play books. If your books have no DRM, you can also use Epubor Ultimate convert book format directly for free.

kindle books decrypted


There are certain advantages of converting an ebook to Audiobook. For instance, ebook version of any book is way cheaper than its audiobook. Also, there is a PDF version of almost every book on the planet, but that’s not the case with their audiobook. Now you can turn any ebook into an audiobook on any device or computer with the above methods.

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