How to Convert and Transfer ACSM Google Play Books to eReaders?

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Google play is a great place to download not only apps, games, but also a better store to download ebooks, especially for those Android users. It has a collection of every kind of ebooks you could possibly think of, and sometimes it’s cheaper than that in Amazon Kindle store.


It’s super easy to read Google play books on your smartphones and tablets. But when you want to read the Google play books on computers or ereaders, it will be a little difficult, since what you get from Google Play store are probably .acsm files. What is ACSM file and how to convert it to epub or pdf? If you have these questions, don’t worry, here are several simple steps that can help you solve the problem.

1. Download Google Play Books to Computer.

1Go to Google Play Store on your computer, choose the titles you like and purchase them. After payment, the purchased books will be added to your library.

Google Play Books Store

2Go to your library by clicking “My Books” at the upper-left side. All your purchased books will be there.

Google Play My Books

3Choose the book that you want to download. Click on the three-dot button, select EPUB or PDF to download the book.

download google play books


If the title is DRM-free, we will get an original ePub or PDF format book, and it’s very easy to transfer it to eReaders with USB cable or calibre.

If the book is DRM-protected, we will download an URL link .acsm file. In this occasion, we have more steps to take. Just read the following steps on how to convert Google ACSM files.

Step 2. Convert Google ACSM Files to EPUB/PDF/Mobi

Before taking this step, please make sure you’ve already got the Google ACSM files to your computer.

1Download and install Adobe Digital Editions. It’s a freeware.

Download Adobe Digital Edition 4.5 for Windows Windows (8.13MB)

Download Adobe Digital Edition 4.5 for Mac (23.2MB)

2Create a new Adobe account and authorize your computer with an Adobe ID.

To use ADE, you need to have an Adobe ID to track the books you already have and bind to your computer. If you have an Adobe ID, just log in. If not, creat a new account and authorize your computer.


3Open Google ACSM files with Adobe Digital Editions.

You can double click the .acsm file to directly open it. If it does not work, you can just drag and drop the .acsm file to the main interface of ADE, it will be added to the program and soon opened.

Step 3. Transfer Google Play Books to eReader

Situation 1. Transfer Google Play Books to Kobo, Nook, Sony eReader.

First, you need to make sure your Kobo or Nook account is registered with the same account of Adobe ID.

Then, connect your eReader to computer with USB cable, and open ADE.

The next step is very simple, just drag the book to your device that you want to transfer it to.

tansfer books from ADE

Situation 2. Transfer Google Play Books to Kindle or any other eReader without limitation

You may own a Kindle eReader like Kindle Paperwhite, Oasis or Touch. Can you read Google play books on Kindle? The offcial answer from Google Play is “No”. But never underestimate the power of Geek. Here is the solution.

1Download and Install Epubor Ultimate-the best ACSM Converter.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

2Convert Google books to Kindle format Mobi or PDF with Epubor Ultimate.

All (ACSM) Google Play books opened with ADE will be automatically detected and displayed under the “Adobe” tab. Drag and drop the books from the left to the right main window to remove Adobe DRM. Next choose the output format as Kindle “Mobi” or “PDF” and start the conversion. For a better reading experience, “Mobi” format is highly suggested for reading on Kindle.

convert Google Play Books to PDF

3Connect Kindle device to your computer via a USB cable and copy the converted Google Play books to “My Documents” folder.

So much easy and fast! Now you can read the Google Play books on your kindle freely.

At last, I hope this guide could have helped you to convert Google ACSM files to any ebook format, so you can read the book on you computer and eReaders freely, even on your Kindle.

Bonus Tips: If you want to make better use of Google Play books, you should never miss the ultimate guide–Google Play 101: Up to 17 Golden Tips and Tricks You Must Know.

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