iPhone Voice Changer

How To Change Your Voice When Making Calls on iPhone

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Making actual prank calls right from your iPhone with your voice changed is now possible!

We’ve been used to changing voice in an online call over an instant messenger or VoIP app with AV Voice Changer Software program,  now we can do this right on our iPhone with some basic modern tech-tricks.

iPhone Voice Changer

General Ideas

  1. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 is one of the best version of voice changing software from Audio4fun so far. The program can give much more natural output than any earlier version ever. And, the newly built-in Voice Editor could also be used in various purposes like morphing batch files, doing home voice-over recording, etc.
  2. Voice Morpher feature of the program is one of the key features help the voice changing task in real-time better.
  3. Voice Beautifying feature, which is a combination of voice effects and excellent voice algorithm, boost the natural of morphed voice to another level compare with the other ones on the market.

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0


  1. AV Voice Changer Software Basic/Gold/Diamond 9.0 or above.
  2. Free download trial version of Voice Changer 9.0 Diamond from here.
  3. Great offer from Audio4fun to save 30% when upgrading to PRO version.
  4. iPhone6/6+
  5. Cables/devices
    1. A 3.5mm Y Splitter or MHP® 3.5mm Stereo Jack Splitter Cable
    2. A 3.5mm Jack-jack Audio Cable (Male to Male)
      3.5mm audio cable male to male
    3. An external or build-in microphone
    4. An earphone

Here’s how

Tweaking with AVSoft Virtual Audio Device

  1. Right-click on the Speaker icon at the right corner of your desktop’s screen to explore the Audio Settings menu
  2. Select Playback devices
  3. Make sure that your system is running with default speaker device
    voice changer for iphone
  4. Switch to Recording tab, find Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device), right click on it and select ‘Set as Default Device’
    voice changer for iphone
  5. Double-click on the Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) to open the device’s properties window. Via that window, select Listen tab. Deselect the List to this device check-box as per below image.
    voice changer for iphone

Working with the cables


  1. Insert Y-Splitter cable/device into iPhone’s Earphone Jack (1)
  2. Insert Jack-jack audio cable: one into Microphone Jack of Y-Splitter; one into Headphone Jack of your PC (2)
  3. Connect an Earphone to Headphone Jack of Y-Splitter (3)
  4. Connect a Microphone to Microphone Jack of your PC (You can also use the built-in microphone) (4)

All Done!

Now you can make calls by dialing any number right on your iPhone. Your voice will be changed as long as Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 is open on your PC.


  1. Talk by the Microphone that is connected to your PC (Step 3-number 4)
  2. Try to avoid the echoing as your voice may be caught by the iPhone. This always can be fixed if the jacks fit each other perfectly
  3. Try making test call yourself first before making call to fool someone 😀
  4. ** Disguising your voice can be an enjoyable entertainment or a good skill to develop, especially if you are interested in acting. Playing pranks on friends can be fun though, but be careful not to push it too far ^^.

Good Luck!

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