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If you are reading ebooks a lot, bookmarking feature is necessary for you. With bookmarking, you can easily keep track of the page or phrase that you want to return to read again. If you prefer reading kindle ebooks, you will know Kindle also enables you to bookmark, highlight and make notes. In the following part, I will share some basic knowledge of adding, viewing and removing kindle bookmarks. Also, I will answer some frequent asked questions about Kindle bookmarks.

Part 1. Add Kindle Bookmarks on Kindle (Paperwhite, Fire and kindle app)

Adding a kindle bookmark is very easy.

Step 1. Open the Kindle books and go the page you want to bookmark.

Step 2. Tap the central top part of this page to show up the toolbar.

Step 3. Tap the bookmark icon at the top right corner to add a bookmark.

add kindle bookmark

Part 2. View & Remove Kindle Bookmarks

After adding bookmarks, if you want to go back to read the marked page, you may ask “How do I find my bookmarks in Kindle?”. Here I will share how to view your kindle bookmarks and remove unnecessary bookmarks.

View & Remove Kindle bookmarks on Kindle

Steps for viewing Kindle bookmarks on Kindle

Step 1. Open the book and tap the top of the kindle screen to display the option menu.

Step 2. Press the Bookmark icon, the list of your bookmarks will be shown in the screen.  From there, you can view all your Kindle bookmarks.

Remove Kindle bookmarks: Tap bookmark icon to show all bookmarks, then tap the bookmark you want to remove, a delete icon will show up. Just tap it, the kindle bookmark will be removed successfully.

delete kindle bookmark

View & remove kindle bookmarks on Kindle for PC/MAC

Steps of finding Kindle bookmarks on Kindle for Mac( It works for Kindle for PC too.)

Step 1. Open Kindle books in Kindle for PC/Mac and then click on “Show Notebook” button to display all kindle highlight and notes.

show kindle notebook

Step 2. Then filter by “Bookmarks“. All your bookmarks of the opening book will be displayed.

find kindle bookmark mac

Remove Kindle Bookmarks: When you view your kindle bookmarks, you will see three dots besides each bookmark. Click the three dots, then select “delete bookmark” to remove kindle bookmarks.

delete kindle bookmark mac

View & remove kindle bookmarks on Kindle for iOS/Android, Kindle fire

Steps for viewing kindle bookmarks on Kindle for iOS (It works for Kindle for Android and Kindle fire too.)

Step 1. Open Kindle book in Kindle for iOS/Android, and then tap the top of any page to show the toolbar. Tap “Note” icon to show all your notes and highlights.

view kindle bookmark ipad

Step 2. Then tap “Filter” icon and then press “Bookmarks”. All your bookmarks for this book will show up.

show kindle bookmark ipad

Remove Bookmarks(Kindle Fire): Once all bookmarks displayed, you will see “Delete” icon besides each bookmark, just tap it to delete kindle bookmarks.

delete kindle bookmark kindle fire

Pro tip: Ultimate way to view your Kindle notes and highlights

Amazon enables you to view and manage all your kindle notes and highlights online at one place—kindle cloud notebook.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kindle Bookmarks

Q1: Kindle bookmarks disappeared

My Kindle bookmarks, notes and highlights are all missing on my Kindle for PC(version 1.26). Within Kindle for PC on Windows 10, when I bookmark a page, it no longer shows up in the notebook section. What’s more, my notes, highlights and bookmarks were gone. Any solution?

Workaround: I have tried many solutions, such as redownloading the kindle books, turning on Sync on Manage your Device and content, or updating kindle for pc to the latest version. All these solutions did not work for me. Anyway, the only workaround is checking the kindle bookmarks and highlights on Kindle cloud Reader online.

On Kindle cloud reader, click on “Show note and marks” button as the below picture.

kindle notebook online

All your notes and marks will be displayed.

kindle bookmark online

Q2: How to transfer bookmarks between kindles?

For kindle books purchased from Amazon website, you just need to download the kindle books and the bookmarks will automatically sync. If not, please turn on the Device Synchronization under Preference tab of Manage Your Content and Devices.

turn on sync

For sideloading books, connect the old Kindle to the computer over USB. Each ebook has another folder with the same name. If you open it, you will see there are many files with the same name but with different extension. Copy them to the new Kindle, and your notes, highlights, and bookmarks will be transferred to your new Kindle. Also, there is a folder named: My Clippings.sdr which contains all your notes. Please also copy this one to ensure your notes have been transferred successfully.

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