add epub to kindle

How to Add ePub Books to Kindle

add epub to kindle

After you gathered a ton of ebooks in epub format (from Google, Kobo, B&N, Sony and another online ebook stores or bookshelves) and you try reading these epub files on your kindle, you need to add epub to kindle. You know, ePub, as one of the standard ebook formats, free and open-source, makes it easy to read books in epub on multiple devices, and even possible to share epub books between different eReaders–but Amazon Kindle, the big player of eBooks and eReaders provider, doesn’t support epub format. So adding epub to kindle is not so easy as you think!

This is also the first reason why I write this post. So many users met this problem, I want to do something constructive and useful. Fortunately I have found a common resolution (the best way) to add epub to kindle, and I also divide this subject to several parts, so that you can get a better understanding and take action soon after this reading.

Part 1: Common solution to add epub to Kindle – Especially for Kindle eReader.

Part 2: Add epub to Kindle Fire – Install ePub reader apps to Kindle fire.

Part 3: Add epub to Kindle app

Why we have to do this

Why we have to add ePub to Kindle? This is just because we want to read epub on kindle!

Just a joke, but this is the direct reason and purpose, yes? If we don’t add to kindle, how can we read?

But I have said that our Kindle is not compatible with the EPUB format. So this is the truly reason that stops us adding epub to kindle. In other words, though we can do, we will still can’t open them. This makes our adding job meaningless.

Furtherly, here you may want to ask me why, why kindle doesn’t support epub? Sorry I think only Amazon can answer it, but I still show some objective reasons to you.

–Kindle only support ebooks purchased from Amazon Kindle store.
–Kindle support personal files with doc, pdf, txt, jpeg, png and mobi format, but it still doesn’t support EPUB.
–EPUB files we purchased from other stores, most of them are with DRM protection, which also prevents us reading epub on non-specified devices, such as Kindle.

To sum up, Kindle prevents us from reading epub, and epub’s providers also stop us reading epub on Kindle. So if we desire successfully epub to kindle adding, we must get rid of the drm and format limitation.

How to add ePub to Kindle

Have got the reason, this part guide you how to. I will show you an common solution to add epub to Kindle.

Step 1: Get ePub files prepared

Gather all your downloaded epub books together on your computer please, no matter they are from google play books or kobo store. If your epub files are saved in your another device such as kobo ereader or android tablet, please connect them to your computer and then transfer epub to computer.

Step 2: Read EPUB in Adobe Digital Editions

On your computer please install Adobe Digital Editions (epub reader for computer), then authorize with your Adobe ID. The left is to drag your gathered epub files to ADE, make sure you can read them. This is very important. Click here to learn how to read books on ADE.

Step 3: Convert EPUB to Kindle

Since Kindle doesn’t permit us adding epub format books, why not converting epub to kindle?

This is the common way I’m speaking always. Converting epub to kindle format, then kindle can recognize them, help us to add files to read smoothly. To begin with please get the tool Ultimate Converter installed on your computer.

Then after you run it, you will see all your gathered ePub files are listed below the “ADE” icon. Just drag and drop them to the left area. If they are DRMed, this program will help you strip drm from epub with high speed. No drm? Don’t worry, they are still added in this tool, waiting your next converting job.

remove drm from epub to add

Select mobi as output format. You can also set your kindle device as the output. Please click on “Convert” button to get your kindle files.

convert epub to kindle

Step 4: Transfer books to Kindle

Conversion completed, pop-up window makes you can see your converted epub files (now they have been converted to mobi format). Now you can start to send the converted epub files to Kindle.

Go to witness the “miracle” moment, we can read these files without problems now!

Then the following is specific solutions to add epub to Kindle Fire, add epub to Kindle Paperwhite, and add epub to Kindle app.

Update:The Simplest Way to Add ePub to Kindle eReader

You may think remove drm and then convert to Kindle format will take you too much time, but it won’t be problem now, since there is a powerful tool “Kinde Transfer”, with this tool, you can remove DRM, convert formats and transfer books to Kindle with just 1-click.

100% Free and Clean Download

It’s very easy to use, you just need to connect your Kindle eReader to your computer, and open Kindle Transfer, it will automatically detect ePub books on your computer. Choose ePub books which you want to transfer and select the target device( normally, it’s your Kindle device), and click “Transfer” button, wait a seconds, The ePub books will be transferred to your Kindle. Amazing!

Note: Before use Kindle Transfer, make sure the ePub books was opened with Adobe Digital Editions.


Add ePub to Kindle Fire

As Kindle Fire (or Kindle Fire HD) is a tablet device, so we can install apps. It means we can install epub reader for Kindle Fire, then add epub to epub reader.

Method 1: Install ePub reader apps to Kindle fire.

Though Kindle Fire is Fire OS Android, there are still some epub reading apps we can put on it. Some of them support DRMed epub books, while another only supports DRM free books. And most of ePub reader apps are Free, while some apps require you to pay.

Aldiko–It supports DRMed books, so I like it very much, strongly recommend it to you. And it also supports pdf format. When you downloaded an ebook file, it will offer you formatting options.

Overdrive–This app only supports non-drm epub books. And if pay for the pro, it will support DRMed ones. I like this app because it is possible to download library ebooks to Kindle Fire directly. With this app we can also read audio books on Kindle Fire.

FBReader–It is free to download, and supports DRM free epub books as well as FB2, Mobi.

Moon+Reader–Supports DRM free epub books. What’s more, EPUB 3 multimedia content also supports (video and audio).

Dropbox–It helps us sync our gathered files between computer and android devices. Just with our dropbox account. So firstly you’d better install dropbox on your computer, then add your gathered epub files to dropbox. Next time when you run dropbox on your Kindle Fire, you can view your epub books directly.

You can download these apps from Amazon Appstore, or go to file explorer to official site, then download the app to your Kindle directly. After the app installed, you can download epub to Kindle, or add them to the reader app.

Note: If you downloaded epub reader not from amazon appstore but their official site, firstly you should prepare your Kindle: “Setting”- “More”- “Device”- “Allow installation of Applications from Unknown Sources”.

Method 2: Convert epub to Kindle format with common way.

For details go back to the first part please. After you converted epub books to kindle mobi format, please connect your Kindle Fire to computer, then copy mobi books from the output folder to Kindle “Books” or “Documents” folder. Books added, from the menu you will find them.

Add ePub to Kindle App

With iPad or Android tablet, we can install Kindle free reading app to read books. But Kindle app only allows us to read books from Amazon store.

For those epub books on iPad or Android, of course there are some good reading apps we can use. For example, iBooks, Play Books, Kobo, and so on. But maybe you have fallen in love with Kindle, and you want to read those epub books by Kindle app. But I have spoken many times at my content that Kindle only supports books from amazon, not epub or pdf format.

So in this case, firstly you must convert epub to kindle format. The common way is also useful at this part.

Then, please make sure that you also have installed Kindle for PC/ Mac app on your computer, it is used to sync your converted mobi books with your reading devices.

After you installed and run the Kindle app on computer, please drag your files (from decryput ourput folder of ultimate converter tool) to this app. All your drm free mobi files will be added to Kindle library.

add epub to kindle app

Then the left job is just to run your Kindle app on your iPad or Android with your own amazon account. You will see those synced books are displayed in the library. Click the cover to open epub in Kindle.

open epub in kindle app

Now I have shared all about this subject “add epub to kindle”. In summary, if you want to read epub on Kindle Fire, you have alternative method, with epub reader apps. But if you want to read epub files on Kindle Paperwhite or with Kindle app, you can only choose the common way. Remove drm and convert to Kindle format, then transfer them to your device.

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