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As an eBook reader, we may always find there are some eBooks have wrong metadata or miss some important information, especially when the book is downloaded from the internet such as torrent sites, unfortunately, it’s always ePub format.

But don’t worry, there are many useful tools can help us edit the epub books metadata, in this post, I will recommend you a very powerful ePub metadata editor, it’s free and very easy to use.

Someone may don’t know what’s the meaning of metadata, in fact it’s very simple, metadata is the basic information of a book, including the book title, cover, author, publisher and publish data, ISBN or ASIN number, sometimes it contains a brief introduction of the book. It helps us identify the book and manage our eBooks in an easy way.

Powerful Features of ePub Metadata Editor – Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate is a free ePub metadata editor with a clean and user-friendly interface.

* Edit author, title, series, type, and other metadata of ePub eBooks easily;

* Replace the cover for your ePub books;

* Edit different formats’ ( such as MOBI, AZW3, PDF, DOC) metadata;

* Convert the ePub books to another format;

In fact, Epubor Ultimate is more than an ePub metadata editor, it’s an eBook converter and eBook DRM Removal for both mac and win users. You can download the program below.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free


Step 1, Add Books to Epubor Ultimate

In order to edit metadata of your epub files, first of all, just drag and drop them to the right main interface for editing.


Step 2: Edit ePub metadata information

Once loaded the ePub books to the program, it will display the book in the main interface.

To edit the ePub metadata, click the pencil icon to the right of the book title, it will bring you to this window:


In this window, you can edit all the necessary information of the book, such as the title, author, data, identifiers (ISBN or ASIN number), language, publishers. If you like, you can also write a short introduction of the book.

You can see this book is the lack of ISBN, type the ISBN or leave it whatever you like. Perhaps you don’t like the cover? Click Replace button to change or add a cover which you like.

Step 3: Save the Metadata Information

After finished editing process, click “Finished” button, and the window will be close, the new metadata is just saved.

Note: For DRM protected ePub Books, you need to remove the DRM from ePub books first. Only by removing DRM, you are allowed to edit metadata. If you are wondering how to remove DRM from epub files, you can check this guide on how to remove DRM.

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