Fix Corrupted MS Access Files With Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair

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Database files (.mdb/.accdb) created in MS Access application save records in the form of various components, like tables, forms, queries, and views. These files are now used widely for both personal and professional purpose. Unfortunately, like any other files, these database files can also be corrupted due to various internal and external reasons.

This page will show you how to fix and repair your MS Access files effectively with Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair.

repair corrupt access database file

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How to recognize if your MS Access files are corrupted

When you try to open your files and result in receiving one of the following error messages:

  • Cannot open database . It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.
  • Recover OLE objects from corrupt Access database
  • “Invalid Argument”
  • Enter password prompt (when one has never been applied! – try Access Password Retrieval before assuming corruption)
  • “Unrecognized database format”
  • “The Microsoft Jet Database Engine cannot open the file”

How to fix the corrupted MDB files with Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair

  1. Open Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair – MDB repair tool.
    1. Via the program main panel, click Select File button to locate and choose the corrupted MDB file.
    2. Click Select Folder if you want to open multiple MDB files within a folder.
    3. If the location of the corrupted MDB file is unknown, select a drive via Look in topion the hit Find Files button. In this case, the program will scan your selected drive for any possible corrupted MDB files.
      Fix MS Access Files With Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair
  2. It depends on which option you select in the above step, possible corrupted MDB files are en-lists in the result box as per below image.  Select the one to be repaired, and then click Repair button.
    Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair
  3. The program now should start its repairing process on the selected corrupted MDB file(s).
    Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair
  4. If the MDB file(s) is repaired successfully, you would get the below happy message.
  5. Hit the  OK button to preview the repaired tables and other database objects.
  6. If the above result meets your requirements, hit Save button to save the repaired MDB file. Usually, it has a predefined name template like repair_YourDatabaseName. Select a destination folder then click OK to continue.

Now, the software program will do its job to finalize the rest of the repairing process and you may now get your file back.

Good luck!

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