Enjoy this Independence Day, express yourself and share the fun

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Enjoy this Independence Day, express yourself and share the fun;  use Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 to make this Fourth a memorable one!

voice changer software diamond 9.5

Just what you need for a creative 4th!!!

How-tos celebrate the 4th of July in a BIG way!

Speak and talk like the U.S President Donald Trump

Step 1: Prepare Donald Trump’s voice file

Download 23 U.S President Donald Trump voice files.

Donald Trump Sound bites ss3

This is a collection of 23 recent sentences said in Donald Trump’s voice (sample voice files) for using in this project.

Step 2: Load sample voice files with Voice Comparator feature

  1. Run Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 or higher.
  2. Click Utilities and select Voice Comparator to open the feature’s UI.

talk like donald trump

This Voice Comparator feature is one of the very interesting features of Voice Changer Software Diamond so far. Its job is to compare your voice with any targeted voice, and then it suggested the pitch and timbre settings that should be applied to your voice  to sound like the targeted voice.

However, don’t take it too serious and don’t rely on it too much. For those who want to make serious voice-over tasks, it’s always recommended to learn and practice more on voice acting.

Step 3: Import the Donald Trump’s sample voice

  1. Under Voice (1) section, hit Add (2) button to open the Voice Import panel.
  2. Hit Browse button (3) and select one of the sample voice files just downloaded in Step 1.
  3. Fill in information to describe your target voice.
  4. Hit Import (4) button to finish this step.

talk like donald trump

Step 4: Record your own voice for the comparison

Now you could see a brief info of the targeted voice displays via the Voice Comparator’s Voice section.

  1. Hit Record button (4) and repeat the sentence in the Phrase field still seeing that the Auto compare button (5) is enabled.
    ** Try to speak loud and clear during the recording process
    ** Try doing a little bit voice acting for the best comparing performance
    If the recording is successful, the Voice Comparator should let you know how much your voice is similar to the target voice.
    talk like donald trump
  2. Now, hit the Auto compare button (5) and wait for the comparing process finished.
    talk like donald trump
  3. After the program performing the comparison, you should get what you want: a recommended settings for Pitch, Timbre and Advanced tune.
    talk like donald trump

Finally, hit OK button and back to Voice Morpher panel with the above settings applied. You may still need to adjust more on the voice settings with audio effects, with acting, etc. for a better result.

So, you got the result for your project at last, a combination of Pitch, Timbre and Advanced tune which could transform your voice into the U.S President Donald Trump in realtime. You can use it to make audio book, to troll you friend over VoIPs/ingame voice chat, or to do your voice over talent project.

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