Create amazing audiobook from free online source

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This tutorial will show you how to create amazing voice-over audiobook from free online source or from any pre-recorded audio files with Voice Changer Software Diamond and Media Morpher.

create audiobook with voice changer software diamond

Here is the IDEA

  • Voice Changer Software Diamond features in morphing files to change original voice to different characters’ voice.
  • Media Morpher features in creating a complete audiobook. To do this, we we will need clipping feature, mixing feature and multiple-track editing feature of Audio Editor app. These features are all available in FREE version of Media Morpher.

Here is HOW

Prepare the audiobook in files

First of all, you will need to prepare the audio files of your desired story. You can create them by your own. If you cannot, you can try finding them from free online sources.
For this tutorial, we are thankful for great free audiobooks from Loyal Book, and we are also grateful to use it in our demonstration clips and images.

Download the audiobook from Loyal Book site

Visit the website and search for your favorite book.

find audiobook

Scroll down to find the download link for the audiobook

download mp3 pack

Unzip the pack to get the mp3 files

extract files

Clip and save each sentence of characters from the audiobook into file

Open Audio Editor from Media Player Morpher‘s program folder and load downloaded audio file from the audiobook pack.

select sentence 4

While listening to the story, drag the left mouse button to select a sentence from the wave editor. Then right-click and select Copy command.

copy sentence to new file

Goto File menu, select New File command to start a new file editing

Audio Editor new file editing

Via this newly created file right-click and select Paste command

Audio editor - paste copied sentence to new file

audio editor

Click Save button to save the sentence as a single file

save the new file as a single file

You should re-do the above steps for each and every sentence for your story. And, remember to clip only the sentences on which you want to apply voice-over.

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Use File Morpher from Voice Changer Software Diamond to morph the clipped voice files.

In fact, we already have some tutorials giving instructions on how to create different voices like change your voice to Optimus Prime and change your voice to Jigsaw The Killer. This tutorial will not include those parts again, but give guidance in using File Morpher to morph pre-recored voice files.

**Note: If you are creating a story with your own voice, you do not have to follow these steps. You just need to use the Recorder to record your voice.

Run Voice Changer Software Diamond and File Morpher

voice changer software diamond and file morpher

For Voice Changer Software Diamond

Click on Nickvoices menu and select a voice suite your character.

Voice changer software diamond

Select Preset Nickvoice

If you are not satisfied with the output from the selected nickvoice, you can adjust the voice morpher settings parameters to improve it. Such parameters as Pitch, Timbre, Equalizer, Voice Beautifying contribute a lot to the output quality.

**Note: As soon as you have a desired voice set, remember to save it right away as a nickvoice for later use.

Tip: click on Save button from the main screen of Voice Changer Software Diamond to do that.

Voice Changer Software Diamond

Save settings as unique nickvoice file

For File Morpher

  • Via File Morpher panel, click (1) to create a new Playlist.
  • On the left, click on the NewPlayList.m3u to select it.
  • On the right, click (2) button to add the voice files into the list

File Morpher panel

Hit Morph All button to start the morphing all the voice files (added into the list) in batch.

Before morphing, you can:

  1. Preview the output with Play button (3).
  2. Change the Output directory (4) to any location as you wish.
  3. Set Output format (5) as mp3, wave, wma, ape, etc.

You can re-do the above step for each character’s voice sentence files.

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Mixing voice sentence files to create a complete audiobook

Back to Audio Editor screen, open a new multi-track document for editing.

Media Player MOrpher - Audio Editor

Audio Editor (Media Player Morpher) – Multi-track editor

Use each track as a character and load sentence files for it.

You can reserve a track to load background music for your audiobook if you want. Also, a track for sounds that happen during the story is also nice.

Feel free to take advantage of the rich audio effects library from the right panel of Audio Editor to make your audiobook more interesting. Some audio effects are not available for FREE version of Media Player Morpher, though.

Media Player MOrpher - Audio Editor

Media Player MOrpher – Audio Editor – Organize tracks to make an audiobook

As you finish your story, simply hit Save button to save your work.

You can now just sit and playback this audiobook for your children before bed time, or you can also spread the world with your work by broadcasting it.

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