Crack Kindle Books, Crack Kindle DRM (for Personal Use)

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The first glance at this headline you may feel very confused. Why we have to crack Kindle books? Does it safe? How to crack? Is it easy?

Probably you don’t understand the meaning of “cracking amazon books”. But if you once purchased books from the amazon store, you may find that you will always receive a message like “Start reading on your free Kindle Reading App or on your Kindle”. Still remember? Let’s talk about this topic from this phenomenon, them expand to its nature, show you why we have to crack kindle books, how to, etc.

Why We Have to Crack Kindle Books

As I have said Amazon told us to read their books in Kindle app or Kindle devices. In fact we can only read Kindle books within Kindle! They put their own DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology to their books, used to control the use of content and devices after sale. Yes on one hand this has protected author’s copyright, but on the other hand, as a user we pay for money on our wanted books, why we couldn’t dominate our own books? Feel so bad, or angry, yes?

crack kindle books
For example, if I had an iPad, and I like reading books with iBooks. There are some books I want to read but are not displayed on iBooks bookshelf, then maybe I will go to Kindle store to search them. I found out those books finally, but you told me that I still couldn’t open and read them on iPad iBooks. You say I also need to buy a Kindle, or install a Kindle app on my iPad. Oh give me a break!

What’s worse, even though I will probably install a kindle app, but I still find that there are some limitations when compared to Kindle devices or the iPad official reading app. Then I will be upset. I paid for money but I make myself feel down in return!

And we couldn’t share our purchased files with our family or friends just because of the DRM. In a family, if all the members want to read one book, need we all pay for money to buy the same book?

Due to these points I listed above, and maybe there are another more reasons, we need to crack kindle books. In a word, the benefits of hacking kindle books are as follows:

–We can read those books on any portable eReaders.

–We can transfer purchased files to any devices.

–We can share our favorite contents freely with our family or friends.

Does it safe to crack kindle books? Don’t worry here what I will show is just cracking Kindle DRM from books, not the books content. We just break drm on Kindle books.

How to Crack Kindle Books 2020

This part I will tell you how to crack kindle books, crack kindle drm from books. Step by step to follow please.

Toos We Need: Epubor Ultimate

Here highly recommend you a tool named Epubor Ultimate. Though I know maybe there are some experienced reader who ever used Calibre DeDRM plugin to crack kindle books. But if you are a beginer, this tool is the best. It’s easy to use, just with one click. And, I do really don’t like Calibre’s interface, and the drm removing job is really messy.

convert kindle to epub successfully

For detailed how-to guide, please read this post: 3 Methods to Remove DRM from Kindle KFX eBooks in 2020

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