Convert Word Doc to Mobi for Kindle Reading

A Microsoft Word Document file often has the extension name .doc or .docx, these files have gotta be the most common digital files we’ve seen in our lives. And as a Kindle user, reading Word doc files on Kindle is inevitable.

Althought Amazon says Kindle supports .doc and .docx files, but seriously, in 10 cases I try to transfer a .doc file into my Kindle, 9 of them I can see it nowhere. While everytime I load in a .mobi file, I can see it in my Kindle without any problems. In addition, .mobi files support highlight and annotation, which provides a better reading experience.

All things considered, converting Word documents like .doc and .docx files to .mobi for reading on Kindle is the best choice for us. And we can do it for free with Amazon’s official service.

1Find your own email

Go to and navigate to “Your Content and Devices page. Look at the left sidebar you can see “Personal Document Settings” in “Preferences” column.

Enter the personal document settings page you can see all your registered Kindle device and apps, each of them has been assigned a unique email address .


Locate the device or app you want to read the Word document file on, and remember the email address.

And job is not finished yet, you need to confirm you are able to send .doc file to the email address.

At the bottom of this page you will see “Approved Personal Document E-mail List“, and please make sure your own email address is displayed there, or you need to click the “Add a new approved e-mail address” link to make your own email get the access to send file into your email.

if email work

2Send the Word .doc file to your email

Now send an email to your email. And attention that the title must be “convert”, only in this way the Amazon’s email service will convert your .doc file to mobi and push it to your Kindle.

And do not paste the contents in the email, just upload the .doc file in the attachment. When everything is settled well, click “Send” and let Amazon do the following jobs.


3Read the converted .doc on Kindle

Wait for minutes, Amazon will push the converted .doc file (which becomes .mobi) to your Kindle, then you can press on the cover to read it.


And it reads just like a perfect purchased Amazon book.



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