Convert PDF to Kindle: Step-by-Step Guide

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convert PDF to Kindle

PDF is one of the commonly used formats for ebooks. For DRM free PDF, you can freely read them on Apple device, Nook, Sony, Kobo, Nexus, etc. You’re even allowed to read pdf oni your Kindle device if your PDF is DRM free. However, it’s an unpleasant experience to read pdf on kindle as you have to zoom back and forth all the time.

No matter your PDF files are drm-protected or drm-free, the best pdf to kindle converter is your best choice as it can remove pdf drm and convert pdf to kindle, epub, or txt format.

Let me show you how to convert pdf to kindle step-by-step.

As for password protected pdf files, please remove password from your PDFs first.

Part 1: Convert DRM free PDF to Kindle

If your PDF is DRM free, you can use the following three methods to convert PDF to Kindle format.

Method 1Convert PDF to Kindle free online

If you want to save time and free from the trouble of downloading and installing software on your PC, converting PDF to Kindle online is the best choice for you.

Go to to convert PDF to Mobi. First select Convert to Mobi, next directly drag and drop PDF files to the site. The conversion will start immediately. When the conversion process has been finished, you can click download button to download the converted mobi file to your computer.

Method 2Convert PDF to Kindle by emailing to Kindle

Apart from online PDF to Kindle converter tool, you can also rely on another method to convert PDF to Kindle. That is by emailing to Kindle.

Step 1: Attach your PDF to an email. And type “convert” (without the quotes) in the subject line.

Step 2: Send this email to “your kindle” You can find your personal email address with Amazon user account or on your Kindle e-reader by choosing Settings > Device Option > Personalize your Kindle.

Method 3Convert PDF to Kindle with Calibre

If you have got a number of PDF books and don’t want to convert them one by one, you’re also able to do this with freeware Calibre.

Step 1: Get Calibre ready and launch it. Click “Add books” button to load your PDF books.

add PDF into Calibre

Step 2: As Calibre supports bulk conversion, just select all the PDF books you want to convert and then hit “Convert books” button to come to the following window. Simply choose “MOBI” as the output format and click “OK”.

choose Kindle Mobi as output format

Step 3: Soon it will start to convert PDF to Kindle MOBI. When it shows “Jobs: 0”, it means all your PDF has been converted to Kindle MOBI. Tagging “Click to open” will lead you to get your converted file.

get converted Kindle MOBI file

Part 2: Convert DRM-protected PDF to Kindle Format

If you get the message “This book is DRMed” when using the above methods, then you’d better use PDF to Kindle Converter which can not only remove DRM from PDF books but also convert PDF to Kindle format. What impresses me most is its clean interface, easy-to-use feature and decrypt and convert ebooks with high speed in batch.

Download Ultimate Converter for free:

Precondition of removing DRM from PDF books:

As most of your PDF books is Adobe DRM protected, you have to make sure you can read those PDF books in Adobe Digital Editions at first. To make clear about this, you need to install Adobe Digital Editions in your computer first. Then click “Help”->”Authorize computer” to authorize Adobe ID. Then use ADE to sync and download your PDF books.

Note: Epubor Ultimate can only decrypt PDF books purchased from Google Play Book and Kobo store.

Step 1: Decrypt PDF books.

After launching Epubor Ultimate Converter, you’ll notice that all of your downloaded PDF books(purchased from Google Play Store/Kobo) will be displayed in the left column under “Adobe” if you have synced your PDF books via ADE. As long as you add PDF books to the right main interface, they will be decrypted immediately.

decrypt googleplay book

Step 2: Convert PDF to Mobi

Select Mobi as the output format, click “Convert to Mobi” button to start the conversion. Soon your books will be converted to Mobi and mark as “Succeeded”.

convert googleplay book

You can find your converted books by clicking “Succeeded”. Then you can now send the converted PDF files to your Kindle device in a simple way.

Download Ultimate Converter for free:

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