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Convert Kobo Books to PDF with High Quality

Most of Kobo books are epub format, but for some reasons, you may want to convert Kobo books to PDF, such as read them on tablets or print them to be read on hand, etc. For drm-free ebooks, you just need to download ebook from Kobo website, and convert the epub books to pdf format. it’s very easy, there are lots of software and online converter can do it, such as Calibre.

But for books which are protected by Kobo drm, it really takes time to convert them. If you download the drm protected books from Kobo website, you will get an acsm file first, you can’t open it unless you install adobe digital editions and authorize it with Adobe ID.

If you purchase and sync books in Kobo for PC/Mac, you can only get .kepub files which are hard to find on you computer, and no program can read these kepub files except Kobo.

I was fed up with such inconvenient. After struggled for hours to download and test software, I find a solution that could convert Kobo books to PDF with high quality, and it only takes four steps, if you have the same problem, follow the steps and you can get a new pdf in minutes.

A brief guides to converting Kobo books to PDF file with high quality:

Step 1. Download Kobo eBooks to your computer

There are three ways to get Kobo Books:

Download Books from Kobo website. Go to My Library, click ADOBE DRM EPUB to download the book. Often as not, you will get an urllink.acsm file, open it in adobe digital editions to get the epub books. If you can’t open it, read this post how to open acsm file for more details.

download kobo books via ade 1

Purchase and sync kobo books from Kobo reading app. After log in with your own Kobo account. it will automatically sync the Kobo library book in Kobo for pc or mac app.

download kobo books via kobo desktop

As I said before, you will get a .kepub file instead of epub book. it’s hard to find on you computer, because it was hide as default.

Note: If your want to convert Kobo epub books to pdf with high quality, remain the same content and layout, I highly recommend you download the epub book from Kobo website and open it in ADE.

Step 2. Download and Install Epubor Ultimate to Your Computer

I have tried many software to strip the drm and convert the epub or kepub to pdf file, such as calibre, online ebook converter, but no one works perfect. At last, I found Epubor Ultimate, it is an all-in-one ebook converter, and it can remove drm and convert ebook format with just 1-click. Click the download button to get this powerful tool.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 3. Remove DRM from Kobo eBooks

When open Epubor Ultimate, it will show all Kobo books on your computer, no matter they are from adobe digital editions, or Kobo reading app, you don’t need to add the books manually.

Drag&drop the books to the main interface, the drm-protections will be removed automatically. You don’t need to click anything.


Step 4: Convert DRM Free Kobo eBooks to PDF

Choose PDF as output format at the bottom of the software and click Convert button, then you will get the PDF soon. And you can find the converted PDF file by clicking Succeeded or the Folder icon on the lower right corner of the software.


Download Epubor Ultimate for free

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