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azw3 to pdf converter

I know there are many people want to find an easy way to convert azw3 to epub, or conver azw3 to mobi, but from some forums, social media sites, and so on, I also glanced that a part of people desire to know how to convert azw3 to pdf.

As one of the most common ebook format, pdf also has its loyal fans, especially when you want to print, or protect your files.

So I decide to write this article today, about how to convert azw3 to pdf, help those people who want to read kindle eBooks on multiple devices, print kindle books, or for some more needs.

To begin with, let’s talk about the feature of kindle azw3 books.

What is AZW3

You may have heard of azw3 format, but probably you don’t know it much. So at this part I will show you what is azw3 file, when will you get an azw3 file, etc.

what is azw3 file

AZW3 is one of Kindle ebook’s formats. In other words, AZW3 belongs to Kindle, only used by Amazon Kindle store. So if you got an azw3 file, it must be owned by kindle. In common you will also see somebody called it “KF8”, kindle format 8. It’s more advanced than kindle’s other formats such as mobi, azw, for it supports more layouts, fonts, styles.

At the beginning azw3 is only used on Kindle Fire, but recently azw3 file is widely used on E-ink readers. You may have found that if you download one book on Kindle Paperwhite, then connect it with PC, from the kindle drive you will see this downloaded file is with .azw3 suffix.

Why convert azw3 to pdf

I have said that azw3 file is only supported on Kindle devices, so when we want to read those purchased azw3 books on non-kindle devices, what should we do?

why we convert azw3 to pdf
Perhaps somebody will recommend you to use free kindle reading app, but, for kobo glo, sony eReader, what can we do? Those devices couldn’t support installing apps. What’s more, although for some tablets such as iPad, Nexus 7, we can install kindle app, but kindle app only supports kindle books, so if we want to read another books purchased from iBooks, Play Books, we have to change to use another reading app. Don’t you think it’s too messy?

At this time, converting azw3 to pdf or epub is your alternative, wise choice. Because nearly all of non-kindle devices support epub and pdf format. If you like epub, look at how to convert azw3 to epub; if you love pdf, or you want to print kindle books, continue to follow this post please.

Problem before converting azw3 books

You may think we can convert azw3 books to pdf directly, but the fact is we can’t do anything unless removing Kindle DRM!

drm in kindle azw3
Kindle DRM is produced by Amazon Kindle store, prevents us copying kindle books at random. But just because of this limitation, we can’t dominate our files though we have paid money for them. We have no rights to copy, transfer, share our kindle files.

You love Kindle books, but you hate Kindle DRM, yes? So what do you do? Yes skipping the drm limitation.

Don’t worry at the last part I will tell you how to remove kindle drm and convert azw3 to pdf just with an all-in-one tool. The best way to convert drm azw3 to pdf.

How to convert azw3 to pdf

At this part, you can learn how to remove kindle drm, how to convert files from azw3 to pdf. And you can also get a good understanding of converting eBooks.

1Recommend you this tool

Here I recommend you this tool Ultimate Converter. Just with this tool you can:

–Remove DRM from Kindle azw3, mobi, azw, prc books.

  • –Convert azw3 to pdf, epub, mobi.
  • –Edit kindle books metadata, change kindle book cover.
  • –Possible to convert azw3 to pdf mac.
  • –Help you read one book on any devices without limits.


Download the tool for free:

2Sync azw3 files via Kindle for PC/Mac

On your computer please install free kindle reading app to sync your purchased books. This is the basis of smoothly drm removing. After installed please log in with your own amazon account, then you will see your files are listed in this library.

3Remove kindle drm from azw3

Get this tool started on your computer. From the right side below “Kindle” icon, you will see they are listed clearly. Drag them to the left side, drm removing started soon.

remove drm from azw3

4Convert AZW3 to PDF

From “Output Format” list, set pdf . As the image shows, you can choose common A4 font or large font. Then click on “Convert” button.

azw3 file to pdf

Converting completed, a new window will pop up, allow you to get your drm free pdf books. Now you can copy them to transfer to your iPad, Nook, Nexus 7, Kobo, and so on.

Update: From 2017 Amazon have been widely using KFX format books on the Kindle e-ink devices. But the good news is that Epubor Ultimate directly supports KFX format. More info you can read this guide how to convert KFX to PDF.


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